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With many of us celebrating the Valentine’s Day holiday this past weekend, I think that it’s safe to say that love is in the air. My family isn’t too big on the hoopla surrounding the Valentine’s Day holiday and, for kids, it can be difficult to get a good grasp on the idea. We love because we love, not because the calendar tells us to. We loved yesterday, we love today, and we will love tomorrow. Love is so much more than just an emotion. Love is part of life.

I asked the kids what they thought love was and as they rambled off answer upon answer, one of the things on their list of explanations was “you read books together.” We read with our kids every night and, yes, it is very much so a way in which we show our love for one another. We are fortunate enough to have been able to provide our children with a wonderful collection of reading material over the years. With storylines ranging from simple rhymes and lullaby lyrics to those with favorite characters and even such classics as Tom Sawyer, we have a good majority of the children’s genre covered. With that being said, we do try to sneak in a few more meaningful reads. Recently, I was introduced to the JoyOhBoy books by author Kathy Walsh and I love how well this collection ties in such themes.

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Books can teach children many things but a story that can instill such affection in today’s youth is rather amazing. That is where the JoyOhBoy Love is the Moon, the Stars, and the Sky book comes in.

Love. It’s all around you when you and when you give it out, it will come back to you. A wonderful message to teach kids to approach the world in a loving, peaceful way and to carry that love with them every day.

JoyOhBoy - Love is the Moon, the Stars, and the Sky

In addition to the story’s context itself, this book includes a number of fun activities that parents and children can enjoy together. Further reinforcing the messages of love, these activities allow you to not only discuss the topic but to truly carry out the messages in everyday actions.

Kathy’s full collection of JoyOhBoy books all possess such great meaning and wondrous underlying messages for our children. When it comes to reading material, a child will happily read just about anything so long as you’re enjoying it together. Do yourself, your child, your family, and the world a favor by incorporating this fantastic array of books into your own book collection.

These books equip children with the tools they need to work through life’s challenges and joys by telling them to listen to what is inside their hearts. In this fast-paced, high-tech world, these books give parents like you the tools to create balance, peace, and harmony in your own families.

I am so glad that we have these books in the kids’ collection and I hope that you, too, will join in helping to make the world a more loving place… one storybook at a time.

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