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My favorite topic of all is educational apps. I see my kids interact with their games and enjoying learning without even realizing it and it makes me so happy. Many of the apps seem to be for older kids, which is wonderful, but LumiKids Park was actually a perfect game for my youngest too!


LumiKids Park is Lumosity’s new kids app geared towards children ages 2-5. It’s a playground with various games that play to your child’s developmental skills. Each game within the LumiKids Park is unique and works on a different area of learning. In one game, your child sorts little water creatures into a puddle depending on their shape, size, and/or color. It varies between green triangles going into green square puddles or red circles going into purple circles so your child has to process what they’re seeing and take away the similarities to decide how to properly sort the critters. My three year old loved this game and it was fun to watch her deduce which critters should go into which puddle based on how they looked. IMG_0174


Another one of the LumiKids Park games, which focuses on visual-motor coordination, consists of little “nom nom” creatures that the children have to drag around to eat the colorful bubbles. I liked seeing how the game would vary. The bubbles would start in a fixed position, then only half would be “edible” until they changed colors, then they flew across the screen, and more! It really kept my five year old busy and interested to play each round a bit differently.


My son is not even one and a half yet and he really got a kick out of the game that is intended to work with divided attention. I handed him my iPad with the LumiKids Park app going and he understood the concept of the game so quickly! A little critter runs and hides behind toys that “boing” and you have to pay attention where they hide so you can shake the toy and get them out. My toddler son really surprised me, keeping up with this game and knowing exactly where the little guy was every time! I was excited watching him interact with LumiKids Park because this is the first time I’ve ever seen him do it and understand it! It was so hard to get a picture because he was so quick with the game!


LumiKids Park was really a hit among all of my kids. They all hovered while the other played and poked the screen a few times before it was their turn. I would definitely recommend LumiKids Park to anyone with younger children, even if you think they don’t know how to use a tablet. It sure was a first for my little guy!

You can download LumiKids Park for free at the the Apple store.


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