2015 Mitsubishi Mirage ES Review


2015 Mitsubishi Mirage ES

When my son and daughter started driving, we wanted the safest cars possible for them. In addition to safety, we wanted something that was easy on the pocketbook. We gave them both our “newer” used cars, and it offered us peace of mind to know they were protected.

2015 mitsubishi mirage blue
Now, if I had been familiar with the Mitsubishi Mirage, they might have been lucky enough to even get a new car. The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage ES that I recently reviewed would have been a perfect fit for either of them.

2015 mitsubishi mirage
This was such a fun little car to drive, and I missed it when it left. For a 1.2 liter, 3-cylinder vehicle, it had a lot of gusto, but not so much that young drivers could get into too much trouble. This would be the perfect car to zip around in, whether around school, or out with friends.  With its small size, parking was a breeze too. I was able to squeeze into very small spots without much effort. This baby turns on a dime!

2015 mitsubishi mirage folding backseat
What about gas mileage? Well this vehicle gets amazing gas mileage. 40 MPH combined city/highway, and in fact it is the most fuel-efficient gas-powered non-hybrid in America. Yep, you heard me right. Now you can see why this would also be perfect for folks with long commutes.

See how nicely all of my groceries fit in the back? I was really surprised how much room was in this tiny little car. I also loved the One Touch start/stop switch, which made loading and unloading my groceries super easy. I didn’t have to fumble with my keys when my hands were full.  Very impressive indeed!

2015 mitsubishi mirage, trunk
mitsubishi eclipse hatchback

The interior is attractive and simple. Sometimes simple is good (in my opinion at least).  Too many bells and whistles in vehicles can sometimes be distracting, but the Mitsubishi Mirage has just what is needed for a comfortable and safe ride.  There are seven  standard airbags, including a driver’s knee airbag, for extra protection for the lower body in the event of an accident.

2015 mitsubishi mirage, front seats
Speaking of safety, the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage also features RISE (Reinforced Impact Safety Revolution).

Mitsubishi’s Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution (RISE) body utilizes crumple zones that route and absorb energy during high-impact collisions. Strategic reinforcements at key body points complement its side-impact door beams, giving your Mitsubishi a stable, secure base that’s worth its weight in safety.

But the 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage ES isn’t just for new drivers – it is perfect for commuters, couples, or even small families.  Since the back seats fold down, there is plenty of room for groceries or other items. I took it to the grocery store when I had an especially large list of items, and loading and unloading the groceries was a breeze.

mitsubishi mirage, steering wheel
Now I am a girl who LOVES her technology, especially music. Standard with the ES model come a navigation system, and a rearview camera. I absolutely adore that feature and I wish all cars were equipped with them. Since I had neck surgery a couple of years ago, I have a hard time turning my neck too far in either direction. The backup camera helps immensely! Of course I still check my mirrors and turn my head as I can, but it is good to know that I have a little extra help. The 7″ touchscreen is easy to navigate and placed within easy reach.

There is also a handy USB port for plugging in your MP3 player, smart phone, iPod, etc. AND for even more safety, there is a bluetooth navigation system for hands-free phone calls. This is especially handy for young drivers, as it keeps their hands on the wheel!

2015 mitsubishi mirage, navigation system
The 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage starts at $12,995, which is very little for a whole lot of car. This price point seems very reasonable to me, especially if you are going to buy a new car for a newer driver. Although I have never owned a Mitsubishi before, this little gem makes me want to try them all.

*I was not provided any compensation for this post. I was allowed to use the above vehicle for one week and share my honest opinion.


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