Monroe Shocks and Struts Safety Triangle – worn shocks can affect your whole vehicle!



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Since we are the Eighty MPH Moms, and serious about car care and safety, I am so happy to be a part of the Monroe Shocks and Struts campaign. This project will let me provide you, my readers, lots of important information about the importance of shocks and struts on your vehicle. They play a vital role, but are often overlooked.

I suppose I should start by letting you know what shocks and struts do!  They are very, very important – just as any component of your car is, especially when it comes to your safety.

monroe shocks and struts

Monroe Shocks and Struts explains it like this:

Shocks and struts play important roles in safe driving by helping deliver satisfactory steering, stopping and stability. Their damping action helps maintain movement of the vehicle’s suspension within safe limits. This, in turn, helps the brakes do their job by maintaining tire traction and distributing the vehicle’s weight across all four wheels. Shocks and struts also limit the transfer of vehicle weight from front to back when braking, and from side to side around turns. And properly functioning shocks and struts help protect tires from abnormal wear.


monroe shocks and struts
But back to the Monroe Shocks and Struts Safety Triangle!

monroe how shocks wear out Shocks and struts do not typically break down suddenly, but instead, they tend to wear out over time. You might notice changes, such as the steering accuracy being “off”, or you might find that your vehicle doesn’t stop the same way it used to. Your car or truck might even feel kind of shaky.

There are several factors that can determine how fast your shocks and struts might wear down. Road conditions in your area are a huge part of it. Another part is how you drive – your driving style, if you will. Ummmm, hmmm, this tells me a lot about myself. I definitely have my own style, but it may not be the best style for my shocks and struts. Vehicle load is also an important factor.

monroe shocks safety triangle
Monroe wants you and your family to be safe! Could you be driving on worn shocks and struts? Next time you visit your local vehicle service provider for tire, brake or alignment service, be sure to ask for a complete Safety Triangle Inspection. Your car will thank you 🙂

I hope this helps you understand a little bit more about the importance of shocks and struts. I think they are often overlooked, but when you think about all of the places you have been, and how rough some of that travel might have been on your suspension components, it just makes sense.

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  1. sandra davis on

    I have had to have shocks and struts replaced. I know what they are talking about when it says it is harder to stop your vehicle. This is very good information.

  2. I never understood at all what they did but this will make me more proactive on bringing my car in to have this checked on.

  3. I follow the vehicle maintenance schedule as recommended by the dealership. I’ve had some concerns about my shocks because of handling and ride. The dealership took my car on a test drive and didn’t see a problem. It is also around 20k miles from the replacement schedule. Can you get more specific on what to look for?

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