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Spring is almost officially here!  I am excited to finally be able to enjoy some outdoor activities, and I’m sure my husband and girls are too.

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Last summer, we took the girls to their first professional baseball game, and they had a blast!  Watching the game, eating ballpark food, enjoying the atmosphere in a stadium filled with cheering fans – they loved it all.  My oldest daughter even wanted to get down on the field and play a little ball herself.  It is definitely something that we want to make a yearly tradition, but events like that can be so expensive when you add up the costs for travel, tickets, parking, food, and souvenirs.  However, ScoreBig can help us with at least one of those expenses.

ScoreBig is an online ticket vendor for all sorts of events, including professional sports events (MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL), music concerts, Broadway and theater shows, and family events like ice shows and the circus.  You can search by team, artist, or show, or just search for any event happening in your area.  I  immediately started looking for events occurring within a 4-hour drive from where we live, including baseball games.

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There are two ways to get tickets through ScoreBig.

  1. The first option is an instant bid.  This option is offered when tickets are available at below-box office prices.  You choose the seats you want through the ScoreBig star-rating system (higher star-rating for better seats).  You then enter the price that you want to pay and your credit card information.  There is a colored bid indicator that shows how likely it is that your bid will be accepted (green for more likely, red for less likely).  You then submit your bid and immediately find out if your bid is accepted for those seats.  If so, you get your tickets for that price!  If not, you are not charged anything and you can submit a new bid 24 hours later for seats in the same star-rating area (or you can enter a new bid right away for seats with a different star-rating or for a different event).  With the instant bid option, you can pay up to 60% below box office ticket prices.
  2. The second option is offered when tickets are not available at below-box office prices.  With this option, you buy your tickets at a set price, but you will still save an average of 10% versus other ticket resellers.

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I will definitely use ScoreBig to get tickets to baseball games and any other events that we want to attend.  It was hard buying tickets last year because we wanted good enough seats so that we could actually see the action on the field, but we did not want to have to break the bank to get them.  In looking at the different options for baseball games on ScoreBig, putting in different bid amounts, and using the colored bid indicator, it looks like we could save $20 to $25 per ticket off of what we paid last year for the same exact seats.  What a deal!  And that means more money for us to enjoy other events, maybe two baseball games this year or a game and concert!

Let ScoreBig help you get out and do something fun and exciting this spring.  Check out all of the events happening this year and get a great deal on tickets.  You can even look for the best deals on tickets for events in your area.  Connect with ScoreBig on Facebook and Twitter.


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