Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Carrots for Easter!


My husband brought home strawberries last week and I decided that I had to create something neat with them. I thought of a great idea using things I had at home at the time. I took regular milk chocolate morsels, melted them and dipped the strawberries into them. After they dried, I used a frosting in a tube to draw designs on them to make them look like eggs. Once it was finished, the chocolate kind of chunked up for some reason and looked…unpleasant.

I stared at them and tried to decide what other angle I could take to make these strawberries Easter-themed. I thought about making them into carrots but I just wasn’t sure. When I was roaming the craft store, I came upon Wilton’s colored melting chocolates that were on sale and decided that I had to do it! So here it is, a simple way to make chocolate covered, ADORABLE, strawberries!


You will need:

Orange melting chocolate/candy


1. Melt the candy/chocolate as directed on the packaging.


2. Dip the strawberries into the candy/chocolate. Try to hide all of the red parts with your orange coloring! This is fun because the kids can help out too!


3. Let them dry and you have a carrot! Put them in cellophane and tuck them into the kids’ Easter baskets, make many as treats for a party, or tell the kids you’re leaving them out for the Easter Bunny and then keep them all for yourself. Hehe.



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  1. What an absolutely cute idea, when I first read the blog title I was like What? How can this be good, the strawberry really does look like a carrot.

  2. These Strawberry carrots for Easter are so adorable, and fun to make! I will have to try making these for a treat and see how good they taste!

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