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My husband recently decided that we should try out couponing and shopping sales to see how much money we would save us, a family of six. He does the shopping in our home because we can’t fit the groceries, plus all of the kids into our minivan. So, it’s the kids or shopping and honestly, I think he really enjoys it. He’s been couponing now for about six months and we’ve saved hundreds on our grocery bill, as well as buying our non-grocery items. The only problem is, it’s a messy and time-consuming process obtaining all of those coupons and getting the weekly flyers for price comparison. When he uses a manufacturer’s coupon, it’s best served at the store with the best deal, so he needs to be able to see what everyone is charging for their products this week. This means there are huge stacks of flyers laying in my home, from what seems like every store in creation. I asked him, “…Isn’t there a better way? Something that doesn’t take up so much time, space, and extensive research?” There is. It’s called Flipp.


Flipp is a free app for those in the US and Canada, available for Apple and Android phones. Flipp is on an environment-saving mission but it’s not just savings trees, it’s saving us time and space too. Flipp combines the circulars of over 400 retail chains and hundreds of your local stores, putting them all at your fingertips. You simply open up the app on your phone and scroll through the latest flyers in your area. It tells you when the flyer begins and ends and you can zoom in and see it as clearly as you would if it were a paper flyer! Another great perk of this app is having your circulars with you on-the-go! If I’m out and remember that I need to purchase a particular article of clothing, I can pull out my phone and compare to see if one store is having a sale over another.


With Flipp, you can scroll the percentage bar to view items that are discounted at a higher percentage than the others. I can also add stores to “my favorites” by clicking the little heart icon. I made sure to add every craft store to my favorites because I’ll surely be perusing those on a regular basis! Clicking the small “i” icon will tell you where your nearest store location is. I saw an ad for a store that I was familiar with because I grew up near them, but I hadn’t seen any around here. I clicked the icon and it turns out there is one not more than fifteen minutes away, how cool is that?!

Flipp 4 Forest Infographic

Flipp is a wonderfully useful app and I’m amazed that I managed without it before now! I absolutely think that all busy parents especially should be checking out this app to make their lives just a little easier! Going paperless has never been easier and who can argue when the environment is benefiting too?!



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  1. It is a really way cool concept. I am not all familiar with it and am just learning of it but, looks great. Love the idea of it ( although I am not sure how it works exactly until I tried it for myself) It appears to eliminate the need for a printer for coupons which is a savings in itself.

  2. Marti Tabora on

    This is really cool, I am definitely going to start using it. I think it would be great to help keep me organized. Thanks.

  3. The Flipp app saves me money by not having to buy a newspaper to see all my ads! I have the Flipp ap and look at it every week to see what is on sale at grocery stores, and department stores. I like that I have all the ads in one place, and I do not have to go looking for them.

  4. This is amazing. I’m going to mention this to my 3 older daughters to see if they are familiar with it. I wished I had something like this years ago when I was into heavy couponing. Anything that saves us time & money along with our Rain Forests is awesome. Thanks for sharing.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com


    I love the Flipp App, I have been using it for a while now and I love it. Great way to view all your local ads in one place, no more ruffling through paper ads. And I love how you can create a shopping list. A awesome app!

  6. Jennifer Pellicone on

    This sounds fantastic! I don’t need to clip or carry! I see myself using this frequently. Thanks for the info!

  7. I found this app on a blog and got it to try out…and i LOVE it. It is so convenient, easy to use and always up to date. This is one of my top favorite apps.

  8. I’ve been using Flipp for a while now and I like it over a few other “flyer” apps that have been around and went away over the years. Thankfully it’s popularity will likely let it live on.

  9. Jennifer Heintz on

    It is amazing how my use of paper has decreased since I acquired a smart phone a couple of years ago. Flipp is a good app., and I have used it. I just wish that the paper circulars would not be mailed to me, as they hit the recycle bin unopened.

  10. Natalie Brown on

    Wow, this is really cool! I like that everything is in one place & that it’s good for the environment all at the same time. I’m a coupon user and often times look through the flyers to find the best prices. This would be awesome to use. Thanks!

  11. great great idea. I don think peope realize how many tress they are wasting when they read that magazine or pick up the newspaper. We are in 2015 people!! we don’t need the newspaper anymore, we have the internet!!!

  12. Would love to try this app but don’t have the right phone. Live in a small town and do not get many coupons to help out with the groceries. At least with this app you can scroll through and pick out the coupons you need and use. Great app and didn’t know there was such a thing as Flipp app.

  13. Mary Songer on

    I hate it when I buy something and then see that I could have gotten it cheaper elsewhere. This app is a great idea.

  14. Betsy Barnes on

    I have been using the Flipp App for a few months and love it! It is really a helpful tool to save money 🙂

  15. Rachel Freer on

    I love the fact that Flipp puts all the circulars in one place. I will be checking it out soon!

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