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You’re here… again! The third time is a charm, right? “To all that come to this happy place: welcome!”

As I previously mentioned, this series will allow me to share with you the great magic that is Disney and, in turn, I’ll be sharing some wondrous companies and their own Disney themed products. This, Disney Party Magic #3, will showcase some amazing Disney snackable goodies that you can utilize to help show off your very own DisneySide.

Disney Party Magic - Part Three, Snacks

I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase “the way to his/her heart is through the stomach.” Let’s face it, everyone loves great eats and, when having any sort of party, the food is just as important as the celebration itself. While we could go back and forth for hours debating ideas and opinions for the best main dishes, one of the easiest choices to make is that of snacks. For that, please allow me to introduce you to Crunch Pak!

Crunch Pak Logo

Crunch Pak provides a variety of healthy alternatives to snacking by enticing your sweet tooth with some low-fat caramel, chocolate, or yogurt to dip your freshly sliced apples into. Co-branding with Disney has given Crunch Pak the opportunity to help children enjoy a healthy snack with one of their favorite Disney characters.

Yes, you read that right; fresh fruit, healthy eating, and children all in the same few sentences. Talk about a parenting win!

Crunch Pak - Snacks

Of course, as parents, we want to do our best to provide only the best for our children. While many parties are overflowing with numerous food and snack items high in sugar, calories, fat, etc. (great for those guilty pleasures!), it’s always nice to have a good mix of the good-for-you goodies, too. However, those healthier options aren’t always a kid’s go-to snack of choice. That is where Crunch Pak comes in.

Crunch Pak - Foodles

We all know that plastering a product’s packaging with kids’ favorite characters is a great way to get their attention. Unfortunately, it is many of those unhealthy choices that take advantage of that particular marketing strategy. With Crunch Pack, however, I can finally rest easy as a parent knowing that my kids are not only thrilled with the package’s design – begging and pleading for the adorable Disney or Marvel characters that they love – but they’re simultaneously choosing the healthy snacks over the not-so-good ones in the process. After all, an apple a day…

Currently within the Crunch Pak Disney and Marvel product collection are the Foodles, Marvel Snackers, and Multi-Paks.

Crunch Pak - Marvel Snackers

Depending on what you’re looking for an whether you’re shopping for on-the-go-snacks, lunchbox additions, or even bulk goodies for an upcoming celebration, Crunch Pak truly has something for everyone. You can even check out the rest of their collection (including organic options!) as well!

You can purchase the Crunch Pak products seen here as well as numerous other products select retailers, both, online and in-store across the country.

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