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You’re here! “To all that come to this happy place: welcome!” You’ve made it to the end!

As I previously mentioned, this series will allow me to share with you the great magic that is Disney and, in turn, I’ll be sharing some wondrous companies and their own Disney themed products. This, Disney Party Magic #4, will showcase some amazing Disney themed goodies doubling as fabulous gifts and prizes that you can utilize to help show off your very own DisneySide.

Disney Party Magic - Part Four, Gifts

For those of you that are longtime readers here at Eighty MPH Mom, you may remember a feature that I previously ran for the iHome eKids brand. Not only did we love those products then but they are still an everyday feature in our lives. While I am always glad to be able to share some of my most favorite brands with all of you, I am thrilled for them to be a part of this particular celebration. You see, while the iHome brand is certainly a big name in its own right, their eKids brand features their very own DisneySide!

eKids / iHome Logos

eKids, a distributor of cutting edge electronics in collaboration with Disney and iHome, now brings your favorite Disney characters to life on iHome’s award-winning and innovative audio products. We combined state-of-the-art technology developed by iHome with preeminent Disney characters such as Minnie Mouse, Phineas & Ferb, Kermit, and Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas. The result is a line of fashion forward speaker systems, alarm clocks, headphones, ear buds, and iPod and mp3 docks that appeal to the trendsetters of all ages looking for quality electronics featuring characters they love.

Now you may remember that, in my initial piece here, I mentioned that our Disney celebration would be twofold and would take place here in our home as well as at school. We already have a good little collection of eKids products of our own so we wanted to be sure to share the magic because, well, that is what the Disney spirit is all about.

eKids Headphones

As some of you may know, many schools are incorporating technology into the curriculum and, in doing so, our local school lists headphones on the back-to-school shopping list each year. Knowing my own children and knowing that not all headphones nor electronics are made the same, I wanted to provide the school children with the great quality that we found within the eKids brand. Of course, with any good celebration, there are entertaining games to be enjoyed. That is where we found the eKids headphones to fit in.

Armed with a pair of Disney headphones for the little princesses and a set of Marvel headphones for the little superheroes…

eKids Headphones

eKids Headphones

…we went to town playing an array of fun Disney and Marvel themed games. Not wanting to single anyone out and wanting all of the kids to be able to experience the greatness that is eKids, our headphones were used as prizing for the whole class! Left in the teacher’s possession, I know that she’ll be able to put these to good use for the remainder of this year and many more years, classes, and children to follow.

Many of the eKids headphones feature built-in active circuits or in-line volume control that not only allow for crystal clear music for enjoyment but also help to protect a child’s hearing. With soft ear cushions for added comfort and, of course, those much loved characters, the eKids headphones collection is surely one that you’ll want to check out.

eKids Headphones

Not only are they great for home and school use but, yes, they truly do work wonderfully as wonderfully generous gifts, fabulous party favors, or perfect prizes for those always exciting party games!

You can purchase the eKids products seen here as well as numerous other decals direct from their website. Prices for their Disney and Marvel collections start at $9.99.

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As promised, I said that you might just find something special in all of this. Aside from the wonderful companies and their respective products featured throughout this series, I urge you to now go back through the initial Disney Party Magic launch post to truly find a chance to score a “magical” (**hint hint**) little something for yourself.

Disney Party Magic - Eighty MPH Mom Giveaway, Teaser


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