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As I previously mentioned, this series will allow me to share with you the great magic that is Disney and, in turn, I’ll be sharing some wondrous companies and their own Disney themed products. This, Disney Party Magic #1, will showcase some amazing Disney decorations that you can utilize to help show off your very own DisneySide.

Disney Party Magic - Part One, Decor
For any event, decorations truly help to set the tone. With our house already being chock full of amazing Disney themed decorations and playthings, I wasn’t sure that there could possibly be any way to top that. One thing that I’ve done for previous home celebrations is utilize double-duty wall décor. Now, surely, just the mentioning of “double duty” probably has grabbed your attention. This particular décor is not only superb in terms of truly being able to be used time and time again for various reasons but to also grab the attention of your party pals and everyday houseguests alike. We have actually used these for every one of our events thus far and still, to this day, proudly display them in our home. Without wanting to keep you on your toes any longer, please allow me to introduce you to RoomMates Decor.

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Fun, easy, and affordable wall décor and wall decals are what we’re all about! RoomMates wall decals are as easy as “peel and stick.” We use a proprietary technology that allows each wall decal to adhere firmly to any smooth surface – walls, doors, windows, mirrors, furniture, even your car, but also remove cleanly, easily, and without damage.

With so many usual party decorations being used once and then tossed away, I love the fact that, with RoomMates Décor, you can enhance your party décor with just about any theme decals imaginable but, afterward, you can continue to enjoy them for weeks, months, and years to come. With kids and their ever-changing favorite characters, RoomMates Décor gives families the ability to change one’s decoration and design angle on a whim. At any time, you can simply peel, stick, remove, and then do it all over again.

Their Disney and Marvel collections are, by far, my family’s absolute favorite and, in this case, are quite fitting. While celebrating the magic of Disney, we were able to bring all of our favorite characters into our home for everyone to enjoy.

RoomMates Decor, Wall Decals
RoomMates Decor, Wall Decals
Check out the great products that we were able to make part of our celebration:

And just to make things interesting, a certain little fella from the anti-Marvel side of things just to showcase the impressively wide collection that RoomMates Décor has to offer, from the DC side of comics…

My own kids’ rooms have been outfitted with RoomMates Décor for years now and I am so excited to not only be able to add to their own collection but we also had the opportunity to share some of the fun with the school as well. As some of you may remember, we took this opportunity for celebration to another level by sharing our DisneySide with our family and friends here at home but doubled the fun by taking the mouse-eared, magic-filled celebration into the school as well. And, let me just tell you… a bringing all things Disney and Marvel into a classroom full of kids is certainly the most perfect way to see that Disney magic come alive. It lives in the hearts of children and, upon seeing the beauty of these amazing RoomMates Décor wall decals, you could clearly see that magic beaming from each and every one of them. Any product that has that kind of effect on you is surely a must-have!

You can purchase the RoomMates Décor products seen here as well as numerous other decals direct from their website. Prices for their Disney and Marvel collections start at $7.25.

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Now, follow me once more… the second star to the right and straight on ‘til morning… just click here for Disney Party Magic #2.


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