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How many of you have a dog?

Soon after we bought our house, we set out on our mission to add a dog to our family. We were pretty set on getting a specific breed but, since we refused to purchase an animal, finding one within a rescue organization proved to be rather difficult. You see, we wanted a husky. Huskies alone are typically rather difficult. Many rescue organizations that we spoke to instantly crossed us off of their prospective family lists for a number of reasons. Having young children and cats were the main issues that arose for many of these organizations but the top cause was often because we simply have not previously owned a husky.

For those of you that don’t know, these dogs tend to be high strung, overly goofy, typically have high prey drives, and are avid escape artists. If you do not keep them busy and entertained 24/7, they are known to run off to find play elsewhere whether that mean’s digging numerous holes throughout the yard, endlessly chasing smaller animals and children, or even scaling 8-foot fences with ease. With that being said, we were confident that we could provide the perfect home for one of these rambunctious animals and, after a lengthy search, we finally found our guy.

Randi's New Dog

In terms of huskies, we actually got off pretty lucky with him. Prior to joining our family, he was surrendered by someone who no longer had time for him and he was often left alone in a kennel. While that is certainly not ideal for any dog, I think that it may have dulled down his hyperactive puppy-like craziness. He is surely still a husky by all means and has an absolute blast chasing the squirrels and running amuck with the kids but he has a low key side to him that most husky owners never see. He absolutely loves our cats and is perfectly content with relaxing indoors when the weather isn’t so nice. He does have his sneaky little “please let me on the couch” moments but, really, who doesn’t want to be cozy? After all, all dogs were once wolf-like, wild and ferocious… then they realized we humans had couches!

Randi's Dog

While he truly is a wonderfully amazing dog, he does have one little downside. When he runs, he runs, and there’s almost no getting him back. He listens wonderfully as far as commands are concerned but the second he sets his focus on something that requires running outdoors (chasing a squirrel, running after a bird, etc.) his mind is made up. The will run and run… and run… until he decides to stop. Commands are irrelevant at that point. This is the one thing that we are actively working on with him.

He has not gotten away from us thus far but it is certainly a worry of ours. We have him chipped and he is collared and tagged at all times but the “what if” scenario is still rather frightening. Many huskies that leave home often end up in shelters towns and even states away, others are never found, and many are simply never returned because who wouldn’t want to call such a beautiful animal their own? Because of this, I’ve often wondered why we have the technology to keep track of items such as our cell phones, our vehicles, our keys, and more, but we’ve not yet been able to utilize the same real-time tracking technology for missing animals. The microchips and tags certainly help but that would require someone else finding and securing your animal and then either taking him or her to a veterinarian to be scanned for a potential microchip or – assuming that the animal’s tags/collar are still intact – calling you directly. That’s it. We are putting the safe return of our animals solely in the hands of others. Until now that is…

Please allow me to introduce you to Gibi.

Gibi Logo

Gibi is a real-time tracking device for your dog. Finally! If your dog takes off or accidentally gets loose, you no longer have to drive around town aimlessly calling his name. You don’t have to worry about her getting into the wrong hands. Calling every friend in town to create a search party for him is a thing of the past. Worrying that she’ll be lost forever is unnecessary stress. You will find him. You will be reunited with her. Just get Gibi.

What do you do when you see a problem that has yet to be satisfactorily solved? If you’re sisters Synette Tom and Sheree Loui, you design a device and service that will – finally – help pets return home before they get picked up by animal control, snatched by an evil-doer, hit by a car… before anything bad happens.

Gibi does exactly that.

You see, Gibi is a small device that securely clips onto your dog’s collar. From this, you can then make sure that your dog stays safe in a location where he or she belongs. This is how it works:

  • Gibi - How To, 1
    Attach Gibi to your dog’s existing collar and activate it. No worries if your dog is a wild one; Gibi is a waterproof device and it attaches to collars securely.
  • Gibi - How To, 2
    Create multiple safe zones around your home or where you expect your dog to be, such as a doggie day care, a pet sitter’s home, the veterinarian, or the dog park.
  • Gibi - How To, 3
    Get a text and/or email if your pet ever goes outside of his or her designated safe zone(s). You can see exactly where he or she is on a convenient map (via Google Maps) with the push of a button.
  • Gibi - How To, 4
    Simply follow the map and find your dog’s location quickly from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Waiting and worrying is now a thing of the past.

Amazing, right? I was so excited when our very own Gibi finally arrived.


I actually spoke with a few friends of mine who currently work for various rescue organizations and they could not have spoken higher of technology that is now in place. With so many animals ending up missing in shelters on a daily basis (over 25 million per year!), I am sure that Gibi will help to lower those numbers by assuring that pets stay safe at home with their own families.

The beauty of Gibi is that you don’t have to wait for someone to find your dog and report it.

Setting up out Gibi device was an absolute breeze. Once we activated it, it was just the process of securing the actual device to our dog’s collar. Since the device comes with a back clip, getting it set properly on his collar was rather easy to do.




We don’t personally keep Gibi on our dog at all times though we do leave the clip in place. The device itself has an internal battery that is designed to last for up to 4-5 days off of one charge. Since we are almost always with our dog and typically use our fenced backyard for quick potty breaks, we’ve chosen to use our own Gibi for the days in which we really need it. If we will be outside for an extended period of time, are heading out for our long walks or runs, are visiting the dog beach, decide to head to a friend’s or a relative’s house for a doggy play date, and so on, those are the times where we make sure to have Gibi all set and ready to go where our dog does. Better safe than sorry, right?

Because of this, we’ve found that removing the device while we’re indoors or doing so overnight provides the best opportunity for which you can charge your device. I absolutely love the fact that I can truly rest easy knowing that I am doing everything in my power to help keep our dog safe. He’s more than just a pet; he is part of our family.

This small device has so much love packed into its little size and it truly could make a huge difference in terms of your dog’s safety.


Easy to use and accurate, Gibi is the perfect solution for dog owners everywhere. We should all be able to spend time with our dogs and enjoy doing so. Worrying about whether or not they’ll get lost one day should not be a constant stressor weighing on our minds. Go outside, play fetch, enjoy the fresh air, and do yourself a favor – get Gibi.

You can purchase Gibi from, both, Amazon and Walmart. Accessories and designer decals can be purchased direct from Gibi website. Pricing is currently at $129.99 for the Gibi device.

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  1. vickie Couturier on

    that is really a nice product,,dont know how many times we have been out looking for my daughters dog

  2. This looks such a cool system! I hadn’t heard of it before reading your post. We had a lab/husky that we adopted from a rescue, but because she was such a great escape artist we decided it was safer for her to live with my mother in law. I wish we had one of these back when we had to constantly search the neighborhood for her!

  3. Nataile Brown on

    I also have a rescued dog (a boxer named Neo) who likes to run whenever he sees something (like maybe a possum?!). In these instances there’s no stopping him. This is such a cool device! I’m for sure looking into it. Thank-you for the information & review. BTW: Your baby is beautiful!

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