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How many of you are fans of Jurassic Park?

As far as my own family is concerned, well, we are HUGE fans! While the mister and I have followed the story for much of our lives, it was only a few years ago that we introduced our kids to it. I did have some reservations about doing so due to the violence that goes hand in hand with dinosaurs devouring people but, with rough and rowdy little boys, the movie was considered to be more “cool” than it was scary. Ever since we sat down to watch the movie that night, our lives have been consumed with all things dinosaurs and, of course, Jurassic Park. Now that the new film will soon be released in theaters, our love for the classic dinosaur story has reached an all-time high.

Just this week alone, we’ve had daily requests for watching the movies but, with school still being in session, we had to push that off a bit. I had initially planned on watching it this evening and, now that I’ve learned of a special little something, we will absolutely be watching it tonight!

“Why,” you might ask…

Because Jurassic World is coming!

Jurassic World Logo

In anticipation of the upcoming release of Jurassic World, the long awaited continuation of the Jurassic Park story, NBC will be airing a spectacular special broadcast of the original film!

Friday, June 5th (tonight!) at 8pm EST/PST, the 1993 much loved, debut, blockbuster movie Jurassic Park will be aired on NBC channels across the country.

Jurassic Park on NBC

While that alone is a wonderful little event in itself, I did mention that this will be a “special” airing. You see, tonight’s showing of the original movie will not only include a SNEAK PEEK of the newest addition to the series – Jurassic World – but Chris Pratt and THE Steven Spielberg will be on hand to share their own memories of the beloved Jurassic Park movie and will present that wonderful sneak peek themselves!

That’s right! At some point during tonight’s airing of Jurassic Park, the star of the new movie and one of the greatest filmmakers of all time will pop in to show you a bit of what it sure to be the greatest dinosaur film of the year… of the decade… and possibly the century!

Here’s a little preview of what you might be seeing:

I wonder if they’ll be showing an extended version of that? Or maybe another part of the new movie? Maybe it’ll be something about the new dinosaur? Perhaps it will be a snippet of those rampaging raptors – tap, tap, tap! Then again, it could be something with a terrifying t-rex! Whatever it is, folks, hold onto your butts!

To make the night even greater, the lovely folks behind the Jurassic Park brand will be hosting an amazing Twitter party to coincide with tonight’s airing. And, for those of you that aren’t familiar with Twitter parties, I have one word for you – PRIZES!

Jurassic World Twitter Party

Here are all of the details:

With over thirty different prizes and a prize value totaling over $1100, this is certainly an event that you do NOT want to miss! Not only will you be able to share in an entertaining conversation about one of the greatest movies of all time but you’ll get to chat about the new Jurassic World, and enter for your chance to win some amazing prizes. And I’m talking some fabulous MAJOR prizes here!

I wonder if they’ll use Chris Pratt or good ol’ Steven Spielberg as a prize?! My little ones would be beyond thrilled to meet THE “Mr. Dinosaur Man” and, let’s face it, we mommas could all use a little Chris Pratt eye candy in our lives! Here’s to dino-sized wishing, right?

Okay, so let’s recap:

– Special airing of Jurassic Park tonight on NBC

– Live Twitter party complete with HUGE prizes

– Sneak peek of Jurassic World presented by Chris Pratt & Steven Spielberg

– Massive dinosaur-sized entertainment to kick off your weekend

Yours truly will be on hand to tweet along with our wonderful hosts and, of course, all of you! And you can certainly bet that my entire family will be snuggled up on the couch to watch the movie. Popcorn anyone…?

Jurassic World - Popcorn & Raptor

And don’t forget – Jurassic World will be releasing in theaters next Friday, June 12th.

Also, be sure to head over to our Jurassic World prize pack giveaway for another great chance to win!


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  1. Wendy Sebastian on

    I saw the original movie the other night (again) & now I am SO pumped to see this!! The previews are so good. Exciting & scary.

  2. Nataile Brown on

    I missed the twitter party but, wow, I’m so excited to see this movie! It looks awesome, especially with the 3D. 🙂

  3. Amanda Sakovitz on

    I didn’t get a chance to go to the twitter party but I can’t wait to see this. It looks epic!

  4. I wish I would’ve seen this post sooner so I could’ve attended. Hopefully NBC will air it again since it’s being released on DVD and Blu-ray soon!

  5. Would have loved to attend that twitter party. We saw the movie opening week in the theaters and really enjoyed it!

  6. I can’t tell if my last comment showed up… but I am sad I missed the twitter party. We really enjoyed the movie!

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