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Teaching my little ones to ride a bicycle has proven to be a bit difficult. They’re afraid to fall down and struggling with the idea of balance. Strider specializes in teaching balance straight out of the gate, bypassing tricycles and training wheels altogether. Your child can learn at their own pace, being able to place both feet on the ground to steady themselves.


The Strider 12 Sport comes equipped with custom grips, two seats of different sizes that will help the bike grow with your child, quick-release grips for easy adjustment, and more. My three year old was so excited to try her new Strider 12 Sport. I had her sit on the seat so that I could properly adjust it to where she can reach the ground with her feet flat if she chose. We had a lot of fun practicing in our driveway! At first, she was a bit wobbly but she worked through it, knowing that her feet were stopping her from falling no matter what happened.


I could see the shift in her comfort. I watched her go from frightened to confident. Within days, she wanted to go on every second and was propelling around going for longer intervals with her feet up. She even brought her Strider inside after a while and my husband noticed the way she was wheeling around. My husband saw her one night quietly whisking past our living room with a huge smile on her fact and said, “That bike was a great idea, she’s doing well on it!”

My son is not old enough for our Strider 12 Sport yet but I can tell that he will get the concept so much sooner than later if we begin with the Strider rather than other, more complicated bicycles! It’s such a blast having help to teach my little ones to ride bikes and they are so unbelievably excited to be able to finally learn.


The first thing I noticed on the list of functions for the Strider bike was “Allows children of all abilities to ride.” Obviously, this is a fantastic thing that will benefit so many children. Actually, the first time I heard about Strider was on an advertisement for a local special needs biking event and I was unbelievably endeared but such a darling idea as someone who used to volunteer for the Special Olympics.

I think that the Strider bikes are an amazing concept and perfect idea. Summer is going to be a blast for this little girlie! Our family would definitely highly recommend Strider to other parents. The best thing about Strider is there are multiple models available for varying ages ranges of children from 18 months to all the way past 13 years!


Buy: You can purchase the Strider 12 Sport for a child ages 2-4 and under 44 inches, for $119.99 at the Strider Bikes website.


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