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Knowing my family’s whereabouts can be daunting (and worrisome). Did my daughter make it home safely? I can’t reach my son – he usually checks in often. I have often thought, that it would be awesome if there were an app that would put my mind at ease and keep us all on the same page (so to speak).

Well my dream app is now a reality! I recently reviewed the FamilySignal app which allows families to keep track of each other in one convenient place. It has some great features, such as a panic button when a family member is in distress, or needs help. It also has the ability to check in with your loved ones easily and send them alerts when you’ve been inactive.

familysignal app features
I visited the FamilySignal app website for the app to learn more about it, and was very impressed with what I found. Not only does it have many articles to help a new user start up, but it also has great information on updates, research, and suggestions for important conversations with your children.

When I started up my account, I was labeled as the ‘Family Organizer.’ Up to three other devices can be organizers, including parents and caregivers (it requires their own sign-up information). ‘Dependents’ are children and they do not have to have their own sign-up (organizers can register dependent’s devices). As an organizer, I have the option of showing my location to my children and I can always see theirs. It puts my children at ease to know I’ve safely made it home after running errands or after spending a night out with friends. Even though they might not admit it, they DO worry about their dear old mom.

A really neat feature of the FamilySignal app is geofencing. It is the method through which Family Signal shares your location. A user’s location can be sent at anytime to other users. Beacons greatly enhance the app experience – they are cute little funky devices that can be purchased through the app. Utilizing Bluetooth technology, beacons allow for greater accuracy in location and they never have to be charged!

FamilySignal beacon

family signal beacons
Beacons allow you to set specific spots that the app recognizes. When a dependent arrives or leaves the geofencing spot, a notification is sent to the family members. A beacon can be placed anywhere, from a house to a car. Ever since my daughter started driving herself to and from school, it’s given me such great comfort to know she made it to her car and finally back home safely. You can also set whether the trigger for each device sends an alert upon arrival, departure, or both. The user also has the ability to choose which days alerts are sent, such as weekdays.

family signal app geofences
As the parents of teenagers know, their plans are continuously changing due to poor planning (bless their hearts!). The ‘Touch Base’ option is one of my daughter’s favorite parts of the FamilySignal app. This allows the user to send their family their location, even if it isn’t one of the regular spots used for Geofencing.

Recent Activity is another awesome feature.

family signal app recent activity
Now on to my husband’s favorite feature; the Panic Button. Should your child feel uncomfortable or unsafe, all they have to do is go to the panic section of the app and press the big red button on the screen. This sends the child’s location as well as the ‘panic’ message to parents and caregivers to alert them of the situation. I love knowing my children have the option to subtly let us know if they need help and where exactly they are so we can find them quickly.

familysignal panic
family signal app panic
I personally love this app and with a little time to learn how it works, would be a great product for any family. With children getting phones earlier and earlier these days, it would put any parent at ease knowing just a simple app can help keep their loved ones safe and always know their family member’s locations.

If you would like to try the FamilySignal app, you can do so for free with their 14 day free trial! After the trial ends, the app is free for parents & caregivers for use with one dependent. Bigger families can upgrade if they’d like. You can find the FamilySignal app in the iTunes store.

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  1. My husband has heart problems andd cancer, would feel more secure knowing where he is if he wasnt able to make a call or answer a phone.

  2. Debra Jensen on

    It would help with my grandma who isnt in the greatest health and my aunt who helps take care of her if she fell or something happened to my aunt.

  3. My mother is 67 and was recently diagnosed with lung disease. She’s been falling and having all sorts of medical issues now. This would help me to keep track of her whereabouts and definitely help ease my mind.

  4. That panic button feature would so set my mind at ease about my old aunt. She is 96, and lives alone. God forbid, if she had an emergency, this could be the difference from life or death.

  5. FamilySignal sounds like a great way to keep tabs on your children. Such a great concept, especially if you have teenagers – I wish I’d had this when my daughter was a teenager

  6. The FamilySignal app’s Touch Base feature would give me a sense of security knowing where my daughter is at all times.

  7. The app would give us real peace of mind, especially when unexpected events like weather emergencies or last-minute schedule changes happen and we need to keep tabs on each other’s locations.

  8. This app would give me peace of mind knowing where my family is, especially if they go camping or on vacation somewhere.

  9. Sharon Kaminski on

    The FamilySignal app would put my mind to ease because I would know where everyone is at all times!

  10. I worry about my loved ones ALL the time because I have anxiety and am just a worrywort in general! This would help me panic/worry less because I know they would get in touch if they had an emergency.

  11. Currently my Dad is living with us after having a leg amputated. He does NOT want a LifeAlert system put in at his house once he goes home (I haven’t given up the fight yet!!!), but the Panic Button feature on this may be a nice backup, a way for him to alert us that he needs someone to stop by ASAP.

  12. It’s really hard to keep track of where everyone is at all times.. this app would solve that problem.

  13. Bridgett Wilbur on

    I would feel a lot better having this knowing that my mother is getting older and this could help save her life.

  14. Daniel Thornton on

    The panic button would put my mind at ease because if a family member is in trouble they can get help.

  15. Kelly Nicholson on

    Tell me in a comment how the FamilySignal app would put your mind at ease. {full sentence please}

    pretty much a single person,and probably cant use this as of now,but i will tell peopl about it..good enough?

  16. Barbara Montag on

    This would be a big help – being able to know where the kids are.
    Yes this would give me more peace of mind.
    thank you

  17. I have a daughter that will be driving soon. I love the panic button and it would make me feel better about letting her go out alone. I would know that she can let me know that she needs me if she did. Thank you!

  18. This sounds amazing! I would love that we can keep track of the whole family all the time and know that everyone is safe and where they are supposed to be. This really puts a parents mind at ease!

  19. This would put my mind at ease when my son is out playing with his friends, or staying the night somewhere. . as long as he checked in, that is!

  20. This would give me peace of mind with my grandparents. I call them everyday to see how they’re doing and when I don’t get an answer I get worried, so this would definitely help.

  21. I think that it would give my daughter peace of mind with me Im going to be living with her shortly because I have severe COPD and she always when I use my car to go to the store or elsewhere without her

  22. Tracy Robertson on

    This is some amazing new technology! I get nervous when I have to drive somewhere different from my usual locations on my own. I would have more peace of mind having a device like this on those occasions.

  23. I guess it would put my mind to ease if I thought my child was unable to use a cell phone. This would make it simple for them. However, programming a number in the cell phone might be a quicker way to reach the family.

  24. I love the idea of the panic button. It makes me feel like I can be with them to take care of trouble and danger even when they are not near me.

  25. This would set my mind at ease because I will be able to know if there is an emergency I can immediately tend to.

  26. It will help our anxiety by knowing where me & my hubby are to keep up with each other & having the panic button when in trouble. It would be very useful to us being in our Senior years

  27. It would be great to help keep track of my older parents, especially since my mom just had a heart attack episode.

  28. The panic button would be great. I love the idea of a quick notification when speaking may not be possible.

  29. kim keithline on

    I love the panic touch feature I know my family or I could get help with one touch that is very reassuring

  30. This would put my mind at ease when my daughter goes to school next year. She has never been away from me all day, and I know I am going to worry about her.

  31. Oh this is such a neat app! I think this would bring great peace of mind to us parents! I know I worry so many nights about the kids getting home safe. I would love it!

  32. It would put me at ease when my daughter goes and stays with her friends. I have been watching the news about the two 14 year olds missing at sea in FL and this would have been great if they had this.

  33. I would like it because I go backpacking by myself and it’s a way to inform my family and friends where I am in the woods.

  34. It would give me peace of mind in letting me know that everyone is safe during emergencies. The panic button would also put me at ease knowing that they have a way of reaching out to me if they’re in trouble.

  35. It would put my mind at ease because of the alerts for arriving and departing. It would let me know when they got home!

  36. My middle daughter is going to college away from home in the fall, so I would love the panic feature just in case.

  37. cynthia dawson on

    This wold be great for my aging parents so i could have less stress about them since we live in different states!

  38. I’m nervous about my daughter walking to the bus stop and this would put my mind more at ease being able to keep tabs on her.

  39. Elizabeth Owens on

    Wow, what a neat app!! I didn’t know such an app existed. I like that you can set multiple locations to track

  40. Carrie Conrad on

    The panic button would be great. My other in law had a stroke a few years ago and does not get around well. She absolutly insists living on her own. I always worry about if she fell and could not get back up.

  41. The panic button would be great for my elderly mom whos been having health issues.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  42. James Robert on

    I’m with your husband on this one, the panic button would put my mind at ease. I want to know if my kids feel threatened, worried, etc and their location to check on them

  43. when my daughter is a tad older and on her own more, i will want something like this. i like that the beacons never have to be charged. that would be a hassle!

  44. Nataile Brown on

    This is a really cool app. I love that it has so many features, especially the emergency one. This will come in handy when my grandson is older. Thank-you for the important information.

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