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For many people, summertime means plenty of outdoor adventures and playtime. For us, that certainly rings true. Whether we’re out and about or if the kids are simply running amuck in the backyard, being able to enjoy the fresh air and the warm sunshine is rather important to us. We often try to switch things up a bit as far as our activities are concerned and, this summer, we dove headfirst into the world of scooters.

Having previously mastered things like bicycle riding, driving around on battery-powered vehicles, and zooming off on big-wheelers, the kids developed an interest in scooters after participating in a few mock races at a friend’s house. While I do have my own childhood scooter somewhere in the garage, we had been looking for modern versions that’d better fit each of the boys. Not too long into our search, I learned about Globber.

Globber Logo

I am always intrigued to learn about new products that house new ideas and new technology. Take the world of balance bikes for example. The idea of changing the way we teach children how to ride bicycles was mind-boggling but, after giving it a try, I’m now the first to praise it. To think that someone could change the simplicity of a scooter is equally as inconceivable but, where scooters are concerned, that is where Globber comes into play.

Globber products showcase the latest in early entry scooter design and function. Founded in France after many years of scooter research and experience, Globber hit the worldwide market in 2014 and is now available in North America.

When I was presented with the opportunity to try out the Globber products first hand, I was excited to be able to share yet another enthralling product development with my children. Initially, I was presented with the fabulous progression of the models geared toward younger children. Please allow me to introduce to you the Globber 3-Wheel Scooter.

Globber Scooters

After reordering the standards of the scooter industry, Globber encourages children to first develop balance while promoting safety. Each of the brand’s products grow with your child and, starting with the 3-Wheel Scooter and 3-Wheel Scooter Multicolor, they can graduate to the subsequent models as they grow, both, in size and in ability.

With a steering lock button, adjustable handlebars and low foot rest, the Globber 3-Wheel Scooter is designed for the youngest riders.

The 3-Wheel Scooter is geared toward younger riders who are new to the sport. Setting a great foundation for learning to ride properly, the Globber 3-Wheel Scooter works best for ages 3 and up.

While my own children are already familiar with and capable of more advanced scooter riding, I love the features that are incorporated with the Globber 3-Wheel Scooter. You see, it is often the steering ability that comes later in the learning process and, with this particular scooter, you can opt for the use of the front deck’s Secure Direction Button Lock. Doing so will prevent the scooter and rider from making anything but simple turns and movements. I am a firm believer that all children would greatly benefit by gradually learning the basics before speeding off into the world. With that being said, my boys have already opted for the latter.

As time would have it and as everyone parent would attest to, kids just grow up entirely too quickly. While it still seems like it was just yesterday that they graced this world with their presence, they’ve already outgrown the introductory product from the Globber line. Thankfully, however, the amazing team behind the Globber brand has made sure to incorporate the very same stellar technological developments into their products geared toward older children.

In an increasingly digital world, Globber is here to redefine outdoor fun. On their scooters, kids can take back the neighborhood, connect with peers and neighbors, and stay active.

With my boys more than ready to redefine their own version of outdoor fun, they were beyond thrilled to learn that we would be testing out two of the Globber scooters. However, as opposed to the aforementioned 3-Wheel Scooter, we had the pleasure of trying out the Globber MY TOO Fixed Scooter and the MY TOO Folding Scooter and I could not be happier with them. Check it out!

Globber Scooters


MY TOO Fixed Scooter

This particular scooter, geared toward children ages 5 and up, was the perfect choice for our youngest. While he has already had some experience with varying 3-wheeled scooters in the past, he was ready to move up to something that allowed for a bit more freedom per say. As the younger one of our duo, he always wants to keep up with his big brother but the momma bear in me knows that he’s not quite ready for all of the bells and whistles just yet. For him, and for any child in this in-between stage, the Globber MY TOO Fixed Scooter is the perfect solution.

Globber - MY TOO Fixed Scooter, Blue

With many little ones, they are often over-confident and, unfortunately, it can sometimes be a burden to them. While the “I think I can, I think I can” mantra may be a good one in theory, as parents, we have to insure that the products and vehicles that we supply our children are safe for their individual age, size, and ability.

The Globber MY TOO Fixed Scooter is a high quality beginner scooter. Featuring a limited front steering mechanism for better control, a 120mm front wheel for more balance and a rigid, fixed steel frame for maximum support, the Globber MY TOO Fixed Scooter is everything you want in a beginner’s two-wheeled scooter.

After a few scoots up and down our driveway, we quickly realized that the Globber MY TOO Fixed Scooter truly was the perfect one for him. With its strong steel frame and durable handlebar grips, he felt comfortable not only on the scooter itself but also in his own ability to maneuver it. The non-slip foam that lines the base gave him an added confidence that easily translated into an insane amount of fun. Add to that the fact that this particular model is available in four vibrant colors and you’ve got a recipe for success and then some!

Globber Scooters

Globber Scooters


With the MY TOO Fixed Scooter weight rated for children up to 110-pounds and with an adjustable handlebar that extends from 74-centimeters (29-inches) to 84-centimeters (34-inches), it is an outstanding choice for riders who have graduated from the smaller starter scooters like the 3-Wheel Scooter but are not quite ready for a full-motion scooter.

Globber Scooters


Now, speaking of full-motion scooters, please allow me to introduce you to another one of the wonderful Globber products.

MY TOO Folding Scooter

Our older little guy seems to be a master of all trades. Having learned how to ride a bicycle sans training wheels before even entering preschool and having conquered just about everything on wheels thus far, he was ready to jump on and go. And go he did! With the Globber MY TOO Folding Scooter, he was able to take control of not only the scooter but of his own destiny.

Globber - MY TOO Folding Scooter, Black

He’s the one that tries to get fancy with things – weaving in and out of obstacles, making wide turns, cutting corners with sharp turns, going as fast as possible, jamming the brake to create “cool” skid marks down the driveway, and simply having fun. The wide T-BAR handlebar of the MY TOO Folding Scooter allows him more freedom to control his ride and lets him do so easily and comfortably. If you were to ask him, he’d probably tell you that his favorite features are the folding mechanism and the kickstand. Whether he wants to park it for a short while or fold it up for easy carrying and storage, he can do both with this scooter.

Designed with teenagers and young adults in mind, the Globber MY TOO Folding Scooter is all you need to travel from school to the park and everywhere in between. Featuring a lightweight aluminum frame, wider handlebars for comfort and ultra smooth 100mm wheels for speed, the Globber MY TOO Folding Scooter is the perfect vehicle.

From a parent’s perspective, I’m equally glad to see that the Globber MY TOO Folding Scooter does have the included kickstand. Finally, no more toys strewn across the grass or haphazardly thrown to the ground! Best of all, I am so glad to see a product that will truly grow with him.

Globber Scooters

Globber Scooters

Geared toward children 8 and up, the MY TOO Folding Scooter will easily last him thorough his teenage years and then some. With a weight rating of up to 220-pounds and handlebars that extend to a whopping 95-centimeters (about 37.5 inches), not only is the MY TOO Folding Scooter perfect for him at his current size but, for comparison, it is also capable of accommodating older and larger riders as well… including Mom and Dad!

Globber Scooters

No matter where your child is along their journey of scooter riding, I am thrilled to be able to say that Globber is the brand for you. Whether your little one is just starting out, you have a growing-too-quickly school-aged little one that is in between stages, or you have a tween and/or teenager that is ready to take on the world, Globber can help them “scoot” along to the next adventure that life brings. As hard as it may be to watch these summer days pass us by and to see my children grow up all too quickly, I am glad to know that Globber is there to help them along the way. Knowing that these products truly do cater to the needs of each individual rider helps to put my mind at ease and it simultaneously encourages the children to safely seek greatness.

Regardless of your child’s current ability level or age, I highly recommend the Globber scooters if they, too, want to scoot their way into an amazingly fun summertime adventure.

You can purchase the Globber products seen here direct from the brand’s website at Prices range from $59.99 to $99.99 depending on the model of choice.

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Speaking of giveaways, the lovely folks over at Globber want your children to be able to experience all of the wonder and amazement that comes along with learning to ride and enjoying the riding of scooters. Although summertime may soon be coming to an end, the fun never has to cease. Take some time and enjoy the outdoors, play in the sunshine, learn something new, encourage safety, have fun, and (of course!) enter to win your very own Globber scooter!

Eighty MPH Mom Globber Scooters Giveaway

The Giveaway:
One (1) winner will receive a Globber MY TOO Fixed Scooter in the color of their choice AND one (1) winner will receive a Globber MY Too Folding Scooter in the color of their choice.

Giveaway open to US residents only. Ends 8/17/15. ARV of $59.99 and $99.99 respectively.

No purchase necessary. Open to residents of US only. Giveaway ends August 17th, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. (EST). ONE ENTRANT PER HOUSEHOLD/IP Address! I check all entries – cheating will not be tolerated. Winner will be notified via email and needs to reply within 48 hours, or a new winner will be chosen. Please make sure you check your spam folder – I will not be responsible if you did not receive winning email notification. Winners name(s) will be displayed on the post, and will also be posted on Winners List shortly after drawing has occurred. Winners will be chosen randomly by Giveaway Tools. Screenshots of winners available by request. Prize will be shipped directly from sponsor or their PR Agency unless otherwise noted. Eighty MPH Mom is not responsible for prizes lost in transit, although every attempt will be made for prize delivery.

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  1. I love the feature of the MY TOO Folding Scooter will easily last him thorough his teenage years and then some. It means more savings because I don’t need to buy him another one. I’m impressed how durable it is

  2. One of my favorite features is the kickstand! I hate to see a bike or scooter being thrown down on the ground because it doesn’t have one. It makes the child take better care of it!

  3. shelly peterson on

    I like that they added a kick stand, I think this will make it last longer from not lying all over the ground or being thrown down.

  4. I love the three-wheel scooter. Our youngest daughter is always looking to ride her sister’s scooter, but isn’t balanced enough. Great idea!

  5. I love that your child can ride, then fold, then carry back into the house for easy storing, like under a bed!

  6. I like that it folds up. Makes it easy to take to the park or Grandma’s house with out taking up a lot of room in the car

  7. My favorite feature is the folding. With 3 children and only so much storage space having things that fold up and take up less space is always a bonus.

  8. I like how easy it is to fold,
    because i’m super little and I can’t stand something that’s hard to carry around with or put in the car

  9. Sharon Kaminski on

    I like the MY TOO Folding Scooter because you can easily take on weekends and anywhere you go and have a little fun.

  10. I like the fact that they can travel with you by folding up and also the increased weight limit is neat. I have always wanted to try out a scooter but felt I would break it, but not this one!

  11. I like that it holds 220-pounds and has handlebars that extend to 95-centimeters. My hubby could probably use it as well.

  12. christina moore on

    I love the feature of the MY TOO Folding Scooter, that it is so easy to store, I love the pink for my granddaughter

  13. I love that it can be folded up and carried!All too often my boys will ride something and decide that they don’t want to ride back home, so this would be fantastic!

  14. Jamie Williams on

    I really like the fold up option, especially since we dont have a lot of space or storage, she could fold it up and put it in the closet.

  15. I think the light weight of the frame is great so my Grandson can carry it himself

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com

  16. I love the idea of a kickstand on the scooters! The scooter we currently have doesn’t have that and it will never stand up in the garage… it always falls over in the way.

  17. I love that it has 3 wheels, but I absolutely LOVE that it has a kickstand! It always frustrates me that the kids just toss theirs onto the cement.

  18. Eileen Richter on

    I like the expanded weight limit on this…as the older styles didnt always carry some larger kids. This is so cool! How great to be folded away too! We had THREE kids using these all at once and oh boy they ended up scattered around the garage taking up space, usually falling down and busting through the handle bar padding. I have FIVE grandkids whom could all use this style now!

  19. Laurie Emerson on

    I like that it can accommodate up to 220 pounds. Not only does it mean that it can be used for years but also for a ride or two for mom and dad.

  20. cynthia dawson on

    living with limited storage, i love that my daughter can ride, then fold, then carry back into the house for easy storing!

  21. I like the folding feature and the extendable handlebar–it might be usable for my daughter going from classroom to classroom at college–some of those buildings are fairly distant from each other!

  22. I have an eight year old and a five year old. Everything that the five year old sees the older one do, she wants to! I like the fact that Globber offers models for both riders, and that my daughter could learn to safely ride, and that they fold up.

  23. I like the kickstand and I like that it folds. My sister moves a lot because they are a military so it’ll make it easy to transport.

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