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I am sure you have, at one time or another, experienced your car handling differently.  This could be any number of things, but what might be one of the reasons?  Potholes!  Yes, the dreaded potholes.  There is nothing worse than that huge clunk when you have hit a pothole – you just know that some damage has been done, and if you are like me, you cringe, and possibly scream.

Potholes cause terrible damage to your vehicle’s suspension and steering components, which include shocks or struts {depending on what kind of vehicle you have, you will either have shocks or struts or a combination of both}. OUCH. There are potholes everywhere, of course, but they seem to be more prevalent in the colder regions, where there are freeze-thaw cycles (repeatedly).

monroe pothole
This makes me glad I live in California, where the weather is mild, but let me tell you, we still have our fair share of potholes. I would recommend getting your car’s shocks and struts checked frequently if you live in a region where potholes are the norm. If you drive over potholes or rough roads often, it is probably doing more damage than you realize.

Can you imagine driving without shocks and struts? It would definitely be a rough ride! It is not only potholes that can cause an uncomfortable ride. There are plenty of other issues that are definitely helped by shocks and struts – cobblestone roads (though there aren’t too many of these around anymore, thank goodness!), gravel/dirt roads, and roads that have seen their fair share of wear and tear.  Speaking of uncomfortable rides, steering a car would be a horrible experience if not for properly working shocks and struts.

steering wheel
Shocks and struts play major roles when it comes to safe driving. As I mentioned in my post about the Monroe Shocks and Struts Safety Triangle, there are three very important things that shocks and struts do – they help with steering, stopping and stability. Each of these roles affects the next, to make an overall safe and comfortable ride. Struts help dampen the movement of the vehicle suspension, which then helps the brakes maintain traction of the tires. The advantage of maintaining tire traction is that the weight of the vehicle across all four wheels is distributed as needed, including limiting the transfer of weight (from front to back) when the vehicle is braking (and from side to side when navigating turns).

You can also thank properly functioning shocks and struts for protecting your tires from unnecessary and abnormal wear. This is why it is really important to make sure you have your shocks and struts checked regularly. They really do play SUCH an important role overall. I like to compare it to vital organs of the body – they are there for a reason, to help other organs do their job efficiently and effectively. In other words, don’t ignore shocks and struts, as they are there for a very good reason, and are critically important. Another perk of shocks and struts in good working order is not having to buy new tires as often.

Below are examples of the different types of tire wear that can be caused by improperly functioning shocks and struts. Do your tires resemble any of these? If so, it is definitely time to have your shocks and struts inspected. There are also a number of other issues that can cause tires to look like the ones below.

types of tire wear
Scary, right?

Make sure you stay tuned for our post on Road Trip Tips – we will share excellent tips for keeping the family entertained on long trips, as well as making sure your vehicle is also well-prepared.

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    Monroe makes great auto parts.The roads are horrible where we live so it is time for ours to be replaced.

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    The place where there is a lot of problems is in 15th and centralexpresway the construction there is horrible the lines they get so far behind and it takes an hour to cross to the other side of centralexpressway so you might want to look fo another route

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