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We bought a house the size of a postage stamp because the backyard was big and beautiful. What that means for a family of going on 7, is that we have absolutely no storage space available. The attic has a low ceiling and barely any floor boards across it so it’s really not very functional as an attic for more than several boxes. There is no basement, just a crawl space. Each closet is being utilized for clothing that is currently in season, or items that are still being used. Since we have so many children, we like to hold on to each size of clothing for the next child because we don’t see the point in buying an entirely new wardrobe for each child. Where to put all of these items is a conundrum. Should we give up and get rid of them? Stuff the items into small spaces? Clutter the rooms floor-to-ceiling? Omni is an on-demand storage concierge here to solve problems just like ours!


Omni picks up your items from anywhere in San Francisco, takes pictures of each one and itemizes them. They then build you an online closet so that you can see everything that you have and will bring items back on-demand whenever you’d like them! No more digging through boxes that, like me, you may have forgotten to label. Forget searching through your things and trying to decide if you would have put The Grinch in the back with the stuffed animals or in the shed with the Christmas storage! What a convenient way to cut the clutter and increase your space, without making you have to get rid of useful items!

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Omni is also in the process of a building a marketplace for users to donate, share, rent, and sell their items. I could talk about this for days because I feel like I complain about this need on a regular basis. With the aforementioned lack of storage space in my home, trying to save things to sell has really been out of the question. Once I get rid of one size, I need the finances to move on to the next. To do this, selling our items is the best course of action. I resorted to trying to let others sell things for me but the going rate for that is 50%! I think it makes so much more sense to cut out the middle man and be able to sell things on my own, without having to worry about where I stored them last!


Omni‘s secure warehouse is located in San Francisco. Each item is insured up to $1,000 so you can rest easy knowing that you’re items are just as safe as if they were still cluttering up that closet in your home! Omni seems like an idea of the future, making closets virtual and space-saving easier. I’m excited to see someone finally satisfying this huge need for space outside of the home and convenient ways to continue to give use to your things!


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  1. i LOVE this! i never want to store items because i can never find them when i need them, so i just donate them. this is much better. to pay a small fee to have it housed and then possibly be able to rent it out when i’m not using it. genius. this is genius.

  2. My daughter has the problem of having 5 children’s clothing to store with only 2 closets. She would love this service.

  3. I’m not sure I want to put all of my stuff in California… far from Maine. 🙂 Hee hee… maybe it will come closer!

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