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About how many pictures would you say that you have on your phone? Well, as a mom, I take tons and tons of pictures. I’m not ashamed to admit that my last micro SD card for my phone had over six thousand pictures on it until I updated to my new card which four times the size to hopefully hold even more pictures for me. It was nice to have so many memories on hand but it really became difficult to track down anything in particular. “Where are those pictures I took for work?” “I know I had a good picture of my mom and the kids in here somewhere.” “Let’s see, that trip was at the end of 2013 so I’ll just scroll for about three hours and I’ll come across it!” Well, that obviously wasn’t working too well for me. Should I have cut down on the number of pictures I took? Don’t even dare suggest it! With Picjoy in hand now, I won’t even have to consider such a thing!


Picjoy is an intelligent photo app that automatically organizes your pictures, making them much easier to locate on your device. When you take photos, you can input information that helps you to locate the photo more easily in a search. You can search by stories, places, tags, events, and even times, seasons, and weather! With each photo, you can detail the memory in the story description. Every single photo is automatically filed for your reference.

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I find Picjoy useful for so many different things. My husband has begun to use it to store photos for his real estate job. He adds pictures of home and they can be sorted into an album with the address but also something like “three bedroom homes”, “homes in this town”, and “priced under x amount”. He is loving it and having them all organized on-the-go makes it so much easier for him!


For my personal use, there are multiple purposes too! Obviously I take so many pictures of the children on a daily basis, so it’s great to be able to sort by the “rainy day” activities and vacations to certain areas. Living so close to the beach, we visit often and the photos have run together. I love being able to put tags that it was on this day, with Great-Grandma, and celebrating a holiday. The mommy-purpose possibilities are endless! Which week of pregnancy I was in with each child, baby’s first words, and I can imagine that a tag of “messes” would be hilarious. I think my most popular album would be “odd places the kids fell asleep”.


With blogging, I take all kinds of pictures. I have ones for recipes, craft projects, informative posts, life updates, and then reviews and giveaways too! How simple to be able to sort the toys from the clothes to the subscription boxes! Disorganization just leads to so much chaos and I hate having to sift through my phone forever just to find something simple so I’m unbelievably excited about the usefulness of Picjoy in my everyday life. Two words and I was in: pictures and organize!

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