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Summertime! Sweet summertime! It’s here! It’s finally here!

Of course, after stating the obvious, it is safe to say that I am rather excited about the summer season. While I do enjoy the remaining three seasons, I do love sweet summertime. Between the warm air, the salty sea breeze, and the simple fact that we are able to truly get out and enjoy the great outdoors, summer is my time. More importantly, summer is family time. Can anyone say “barbecue?”

Take a minute to close your eyes; envision the warmth, take in the aroma, taste the delicacies. Summer means barbecue season and, while we’re all ready to fire up the nearest grill, every grill master and party host should first make sure that they have the necessities on hand.  Now I’m sure that you’re wondering what possible necessities I could be referring to. After all, all a good barbecue needs is some great food and even greater company, right? Well, in theory, yes, but it’s the often overlooked but always needed little somethings that make a big difference. Plates, bowls, cups, and utensils anyone?

While the paper and plastic products typically go overlooked at events such as summer barbecues, they are far more important than we realize. Think about it –

Do they function properly for your needs?

Are they sturdy?

Do they hold up well during use?

Are they affordable?

There are plenty of questions that I could rant off but, more importantly, I’d like to share one with you that you probably haven’t given much thought to.

Is your use of them good for or harmful to the environment?

While you ponder that thought, let me share a piece of knowledge with you. Nine hundred seventy thousand tons of paper cups and plates were discarded in one year making it, roughly, sixty four billion paper products being thrown out. Through some simple math, that’d be about two hundred products being trashed per person. Eight hundred trashed paper cups and plates per family of four per year. That number is astounding and, really, far too large if you ask me.

Now, when compared to many others, I do not consider myself “green” by any means but, instead, I’d opt for a title such as “Earth conscious.” As a family, we try to make choices that are both functional and Earth friendly. When it comes to disposable products for those sweet summertime barbecues, there’s one brand that comes to mind. Please allow me to introduce you to Sustainable Earth by Staples.

Sustainable Earth by Staples - Logo

Below budget and above expectations, the Sustainable Earth by Staples offers users the ability to stock up on all of the summertime barbecue necessities – disposable plates, cups, bowls, napkins, utensils, etc. – and more but breaks the mold by offering products that help to uphold the beauty and the environment here on our Earth.

Our Sustainable Earth by Staples eco-conscious products are made with the environment in mind. These eco-preferable products are made with renewable resources, recycled materials, and/or are third-party certified to validate their environmental attributes.

I had the opportunity to try these products out first hand for our very own backyard summer barbecue. Unfortunately, the weather delayed our holiday plans a bit so we ended up celebrating the recent Independence Day holiday twice over which is a-okay in my book. While the focus was mainly on the holiday celebration, the fabulous company, gorgeous weather, great fun, and even some swimming, I had my eye on the serveware and cutlery. While that may seem odd to some, I was truly impressed by the Sustainable Earth by Staples line of products.

Sustainable Earth by Staples

Sustainable Earth by Staples

I’ve certainly made my way around the world of party supplies over the years and, of course, that includes the disposable items. Party after party, I’ve seen my fair share of weak plates, droopy bowls, leaking cups, and then some. While there are many products that don’t quite stand up to the wear and tear of all day use, we usually just grab whatever we find on the shelves and deal with it because, after all, the celebration is never about the products… until now.

The Sustainable Earth by Staples products truly do break the mold in every way possible.

Sustainable Earth by Staples - Breakroom Products

Not only are the products great while in use but the added fact that they are not harmful to the environment is reason enough to use these over competitors’ products. Here are just a few quick examples of why the Sustainable Earth by Staples products are perfect for all partygoers:

For the Food Lovers:
Sustainable Earth by Staples Compostable Plates can hold all the burgers, watermelon slices, and cole slaw imaginable due to the plates’ durability. Want to save food for later? The compostable plates are also microwavable!

For the Sweet Tooth’s:
Fill the Sustainable Earth by Staples Compostable Bowl with as many ice cream scoops desired. This bowl is ideal for cold applications and is very durable so no extra scoop is ever too much.

For the Lemonade Fans:
When the temperatures get warm, no one wants to be drinking a hot beverage. Sustainable Earth by Staples Compostable Cold Cups keeps all drinks cool!

For the Kids:
Ketchup and mustard stains are not going to clean themselves. Sustainable Earth by Staples Napkins absorbs all stains. Need to cut a child’s hamburger or hot dog? No worries, with the help of assorted forks, knives, and spoons kids will leave their plates clean.

If you were to ask our family or any of our friends, our get togethers are known for the food. Typically, for every one of our celebrations and parties, we have trays upon trays of food to please the masses. We often end up with days’ worth of leftovers but, as delicious as it is, I am certainly okay with that. However, because of the massive array of varying foods, it has been difficult for us to find one set of disposable products that work well for everything. Thankfully, the Sustainable Earth by Staples product line is just that. Whether our guests prefer something light like a simple salad, are keeping it classic with a sizzling burger and some creamy mac-and-cheese, or are loading up on the delicious stuffed shells or Momma’s meatballs, the Sustainable Earth by Staples products work well for everyone and for every need. I can promise you that! Just see for yourself!

Sustainable Earth by Staples

Sustainable Earth by Staples

Aside from the fact that these products work wonderfully, I am so glad to have been able to finally dive into the world of eco-friendly disposable products. With summertime being so full of birthdays, holiday celebrations, family events, barbecues, and more, I can only imagine how much of an impact we could make on this Earth in just one season.

In an effort to lessen our impact on the environment, we’ve developed eco-preferable alternatives to conventional paper and plastic cups, plates, bowls, and cutlery. These Sustainable Earth by Staples products are made from renewable resources, recycled and/or compostable materials. And as always, with our name on the package, you can be confident that you’re getting high quality products.

Whether you’re in need of a fantastic line of products that will surely hold up to the eventfulness, excitement, and (of course!) the delicious food and drinks of your celebrations, or you’re looking for a way to be more environmentally friendly where your summer barbecues are concerned, do look into Sustainable Earth by Staples.

Sustainable Earth by Staples

You can purchase the Sustainable Earth by Staples products seen here as well as numerous other eco-conscious products – cleaning supplies, paper products, office materials, and more – direct from their website and in Staples store locations nationwide. Prices for the disposable products seen here start at just $19.99.

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This summer, I urge you to be more conscious about your product choices and, surely, I wish you all the greatest summertime memories to be had! Now get outside, fire up that grill, grab your Sustainable Earth by Staples products, and enjoy good ol’ summer! Here’s to sweet summertime!

Sustainable Earth by Staples


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  1. Thanks for sharing. I always shop at staples not only for my school/office supplies needs but for household products/items. I will be checking this out & will be buying them.

  2. Lisa Coomer Queen on

    Sustainable Earth sounds like a good product with a great line. I’ve never heard of them Thanks for a great review on this product.

  3. Nataile Brown on

    I absolutely love that they’ve created these products from recycled materials. I do feel badly about disposing of so much and these would be nice to use. Thank-you for the information!

  4. Eileen Richter on

    a good resource for home products? I had NO idea! Honestly, hubby does most of the staples buys, usually ink and such. WOw, that’s great and green!

  5. Laurie Emerson on

    I enjoy shopping at Staples but had no idea that they carried these products. I love finding new products to help sustain our earth and I have a new respect for Staples for doing its part and caring about our planet.

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