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A few months ago, my precious Cocker Spaniel, Cotton, began making weird noises out of nowhere. My husband and I were chatting with my mom and playing with our kids but this unusual sound broke through the chaos. We rushed to my puppy’s side to find that she’d stolen half of an apple from the children and attempted to eat it, somehow hurting her throat or stomach in the process. She wasn’t choking on the apple itself, that was on the ground, but she kept gagging and coughing up foam. We had no idea what to do and rapidly talked at each other, trying to figure out what was even going on and how we could fix it. We were afraid because we had no idea what this meant and whether or not it was an emergent situation or just something that would pass. It was a holiday weekend, so we felt like we really had no one to ask. We panicked and tried to reach in her throat and see if she was somehow choking and yet still walking around, we were just clueless. Finally after a while, she cleared up whatever was going on with her and was back to normal.


We all talked about how we wish that there was some way to help us, to inform us of what could be going on and what we needed to do to make her feel better. On a holiday weekend, it would have required calling the vet’s answering service and waiting for a callback, if they have one (and I’m not sure if ours even does!). I feel confident that with Vet24seven, our chances of assistance in such a situation would have been so much better.

Vet24seven is an on-demand virtual veterinarian service developed by vets for both veterinarians and pet owners in the Bay Area region. It is a mobile device application that provides animal owners with local veterinarians consultations on medical, behavioral, or general advice. Users can use live video or chat to talk with leading veterinarians in the area. The goal is to save pet owners much worry, time, and also money!


After surveying many pet owners in the region, Vet24seven learned that there is a high demand for virtual vet consultations. Many people worry about the stress that a vet visit puts on their pet, the difficulty of transporting some pets to the office, and people seem to find that with their busy lifestyles, it can be difficult to make it to vet visits within a decent timeframe. Pet owners can use Vet24seven to consult whether or not an actual visit to the clinic is necessary and if so, when. It can be also be used for triage, post-surgery follow-up, or chronic and hospice care.


Vet24seven is simple to use. You create your pet’s profile, pair him or her with your veterinarian of choice, the level of urgency, and whether or not you want to a live video or chat consultation. You can upload pictures and videos, if you choose, that can be store in the Vet24seven cloud to be accessed on your smartphone whenever you may need. An average 10-minute consultation with Vet24seven tends to range between $40-60, varying with the veterinarian selected. That’s so much cheaper than the average in-office visit! Another great thing about Vet24seven is it’s not just limited to those with domestic pets like cats and dogs, but also available for those with larger animals such as horses and cows, or exotic pets like birds and iguanas!


Now, when you’re not sure if Woofy’s stitches are healing okay but you’re booked solid and you’d really rather save money on the check-up, you have Vet24seven. When Fluffy’s licking a lot and you’re not sure if there’s a problem or she’s just a big furball who likes to keep groomed, Vet24seven. Bay Area veterinarians and pet owners alike are going to just love Vet24seven!


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