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How many of you have enjoyed the beach this summer? Living along the coast, for us, summer is synonymous with time spent at the beach. The salty air, the warm sunshine, the sand between my toes, and the wondrous sea breeze – that IS summertime, sweet summertime.

Over the years, I’ve just about seen it all when it comes to beach gear, summer accessories, and seaside apparel. For the most part, many of these items are relatively similar but for obvious reason; the beach is the beach no matter where you are. From here in good ol’ Jersey to the Sunshine State, from the coveted California coastline to the beauty of New England seaboard, and from the gulf waters of Texas to the marvelous Great Lakes; the beach is the beach regardless of your geographical location. It’s the one great blue beyond, one marvelous body of water that mystifies us all. In a sense, each of our own personal beaches, those where we each choose to spend these summer days and create memories with our families, are all a fragment of one great sea. Much like the sea itself being an inspiration of sorts for those smaller bodies of water, the enchanted waters of the ocean serve as inspiration for things like apparel. And, because we are all sharing this beautiful seaside summer as one, please allow me to introduce you to none other than OF ONE SEA.


Whether you’re looking for cozy and comfortable beachwear, family friendly gear, or even some inspiration for life itself, OF ONE SEA is your go to for sure.

OF ONE SEA is a unity-inspired surf and lifestyle brand based on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawai’i. Our inspiration comes from the simple forms of beauty found in nature which we aim to translate into comfortable and stylish pieces for the whole family.

I recently had the opportunity to try out the brand first hand and, while I was certainly impressed with the products themselves, I love what they stand for even more. Before we get into all of that, let’s first touch on the product line. Bonus points for the packaging by the way! How cute is this?!

OF ONE SEA - Packaging
The brand’s primary outsource is clothing and for the whole family at that. I’ve been a fan of their products for quite some time now having been introduced to it by friends and family so I was thrilled to finally be able to try it out first hand. Of course, I was glad to be able to get some new clothing for momma but, for those of you that live along the shoreline, you’ll know that it really is quality, comfortable clothing that is needed. Thankfully, OF ONE SEA has exactly that. Just take a look!

I received two of the OF ONE SEA clothing pieces from their women’s collection – the Water Logo Flowy Tank and the Powder Blue Tri-Blend Unisex Lightweight Zip-Up Hoodie. While the tank is certainly your typical summer apparel, you wouldn’t normally think of a hoodie as being summertime friendly. However, here at the beach, we often rise and set right alongside the sun and, thanks to OF ONE SEA, we can do that in style while maintaining a sound mind and spirit.

OF ONE SEA - Water Logo Flowy Tank

The tank itself is fabulous for all day wear and I love that you can wear it on its own, layered with a simple undershirt, or even as a swimsuit cover-up. I am usually rather picky when it comes to tank tops, especially those worn while at the beach. With this particular tank having the flowy aspect to it, it not only gave it a differing look but it has a freeing feeling.

The tank is a comfortable, lightweight, and stretchy 65/35 polyester/viscose construction with an A-line body and sheering at racerback seam.

OF ONE SEA - Water Logo Flowy Tank

The Water Logo Flowy Tank, part of a collaboration with a teenaged photographer Josiah Swanson, features imagery that perfectly depicts not only the OF ONE SEA logo but the beliefs behind the brand.

OF ONE SEA, Josiah Swanson

Of course, as I mentioned earlier, the coinciding hoodie is what completes this little ensemble for me. While I do love the warm sunshine and feeling the sun kiss my skin, there are definitely those early morning sea breezes and those cool summer nights where you need a little something more. The OF ONE SEA Powder Blue Tri-Blend Unisex Lightweight Zip-Up Hoodie is just that.

OF ONE SEA - Powder Blue Tri-Blend Unisex Lightweight Zip-Up Hoodie

When you’re taking those picturesque evening walks along the water or heading out for a morning bike ride at the beach, sometimes a tank alone will just not due. Believe it or not, the sea breeze can be a bit cool from time to time and it’s always nice to have a hoodie on hand. At the same time however, while you want to be able to keep warm, you don’t want to be lugging around a heavy sweater once the summer heat starts to rise. With the OF ONE SEA Powder Blue Tri-Blend Unisex Lightweight Zip-Up Hoodie, not only will you be able to keep warm when need be but it’s the perfect hoodie for all day use. Whether you’re snuggling up to keep warm or tying it around your waist to keep it handy, it truly is wonderful.

The comfort of this zip-up hoodie will not disappoint! It features our white logo screen printed with eco-friendly white ink on this lightweight sweatshirt. It’s made of the softest, tri-blend material making it ultra comfortable.

It is that perfect sort of combination of not too heavy but not too thin and, because of that, it has quickly become my go-to hoodie of the summer.

OF ONE SEA - Powder Blue Tri-Blend Unisex Lightweight Zip-Up Hoodie

I absolutely love how soft it is, how comfortable it is, how well it fits, and how gorgeous it looks. Through morning trips to the beach and being caught in summer rainstorms to evenings spent on the pier and even a good beach bonfire or two, this hoodie has kept me warm even in the chilliest of the sweet, salty ocean breezes. I could not ask for more.

Of course, after getting your outfit squared away, you still need to get everything together for the rest of the family before making the trek down to the good ol’ sandy seashore. For us, the beach typically means a day of swimming or wading in the waves, sometimes a trip out on the boat, fishing from the pier, or even picnicking up on the dunes. Now, as much as we enjoy our time spent at the beach, we could certainly do without all of the sandiness that goes along with sitting down to enjoy the sunshine. Sure, there are towels and beach chairs and such that one could utilize but we usually opt out of both things for two reasons; the chairs are too bulky for lugging around all day and, if you lay your towel down for sitting, you’re no longer able to use it to dry off after swimming. More often than not, we opt for a blanket to claim our little spot of heaven along the coast but it has taken me until now to find the perfect one to use. Thankfully, OF ONE SEA has come to the rescue.

Please allow me to introduce you to their Bamboo Turkish Towel/Blanket Tangerine Multi Stripe.

OF ONE SEA - Bamboo Turkish Towel-Blanket Tangerine Multi-Stripe

This Turkish towel is going to be your new favorite possession. It is the perfect blanket and/or towel for your on-the-go lifestyle. Its lightweight, easy-dry fabric will now be your everyday essential for the beach, pool, park, stroller, couch throw, you name it. These towels are deceiving for most traditional western terrycloth users, in that the fabric is thin and light, but still very absorbent.

Now, I’m personally a sucker for just about everything tangerine or coral in color so this particular product jumped out at me rather quickly.

OF ONE SEA - Blanket Collage

Made from a cozy bamboo material, it features two thick stripes as lines of beautiful tangerine color on both ends of the blanket. Paired with an equally pleasing ecru coloring for the remainder of the fabric, the design itself is just as aesthetically pleasing as the blanket is comfortable.

At the end of the day, I am superbly happy about the amazing product line that OF ONE SEA has to offer. In addition to the few products that myself and my family are now able to personally enjoy, the brand also offers a wondrous selection of children’s apparel, men’s clothing pieces, additional towels, totes, and bags, fun outdoor items, and even swimwear. Not only are all of the brand’s various collections and products amazing in their own right but the ideology behind the company is certainly worth mentioning.

Maryam, the young mother behind OF ONE SEA, strives to raise her brood of boys with a deep love for all of humanity regardless of race, class, or beliefs. Similarly, she hopes the messages shared through the brand of OF ONE SEA will inspire a sense of unity in all those who enjoy them.

OF ONE SEA - Maryam

I love how well she was able to translate her thoughts and feelings into an amazing array of products through a company that so clearly shares those same ideals. The ocean is a place where many feel at peace not only because of the sheer serenity of it but because it is a greater being than any of us as one. Though the seas can be rough, every body of water works in unison to create the amazement and the tranquility of what we all see as the great blue beyond. There is a calming feeling that washes over you as you stare out over such a striking masterpiece that Mother Nature has painted for us. The water, the waves, that is our constant. And just as a mother’s love is unbreakable and pervasive, as is the sea. We, as humanity are one and of one… OF ONE SEA.

You can purchase the OF ONE SEA products featured here as well as numerous others direct from the brand’s website as well as through a number of various beachwear retailers across the country. Click here to see if there is a store near you.

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  1. Nataile Brown on

    I live 20 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico and spend quite a bit of time at the beach. These beach-themed items are right up my alley. I love Turkish towels too. Thanks for the information & review. 🙂

  2. These products are truly amazing and one of a kind! I like the racer back shirt and the hoodie. They look so well made and stylish. I would love to get some of their products.

  3. Getting the chance to win items like this makes me speechless. In most instances, I dont own much as finances became tight as a result of having to pay medical bills resulting from an accident by a driver that backed into me but had no insurance. Occasionally, however,prior to my injuries I visited my grandparents of whom live a few blocks from the beach. I live within a few minutes (20 – 25 minutes) from the Gulf of Mexico and use to collect shells and design different things to help pay the bills. These beach related items are sure to make the perfect gift for my friend that loves to get a tan. I did some extensive research on Turkish towels; the information gathered resulted in me very interested in this giveaway.

    Thanks for the opportunity & consideration.

    [email protected]

  4. Jennifer Tilson on

    I like that Of One Sea collaborated with Josiah Swanson. They really are seeking to unify by including eco-friendly ink and soft fabrics like bamboo.

  5. courtney hennagir on

    I love finding new companies that have super cool products but also help spread a positive message.That hoodie looks ridiculously comfy!

  6. I just REALLY like that tangerine blanket! For my porch and to take to the beach too. Id’ probably sew two together to make one big family beach blankie or picnic drop. Thanks!

  7. I really like the look of these products. They are a reminder of the days I spent at the beach. Now if I could only get back to living near a real beach instead of the lakes here in the midwest.

  8. I have a friend who has a cute little beach house in Ventura County, California. I could see myself wearing the cute hoodie jacket and bringing the coral towel. I love the look of it!

  9. Looks like some great quality beachwear and that is great that they support a young artist. I miss the beach, I haven’t been in a couple of years. Thanks for the review.

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