KinderCare Glistening Salt Art Paint Activity


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Art comes in many different forms, this week my daughter read a beautiful book called, Linnea in Monet’s Garden which not only tells the story about Claude Monet through personal photographs and artwork but follows a sweet little girl, Linnea who wants to know more about this Impressionist artist. Perhaps our favorite part of the book is talking about Monet’s beautiful waterlily’s and how from afar, they blend beautifully and seem to float but up close they are full of texture and can’t be defined much at all. As it turns out, it was the perfect book to read for our Glistening Salt Art Paint Activity brought to us by KinderCare.

This project can be absolutely anything you want it to be! Let your imagination run wild! Using things that you already have on hand, it’s easy and fun to do.

Supplies Needed Glistening Art

What you need:

Table Salt
Paint Brushes
Food Coloring or Liquid Water Colors
Child-safe Glue
Tag Board
Jar of Water
Cookie Sheet


Place tag board “canvas” onto a cookie sheet or old newspapers to contain the project and prevent messes. I would highly suggest using a cookie sheet.

Use the glue to cover paper in a fun pattern for the sky.

Liberally cover glue with salt and shake off excess.

Drip a few drops of food coloring or liquid water color onto the tag board, making sure to focus on the glued areas. The salt will absorb the color. If using food coloring, you can dip a brush in water and add

drips to the food color spots for a surprise.

Tilt the tray so the color rolls around the canvas, creating a beautiful, vibrant sky.

Add some more salt to the food coloring or water color to enhance the sparkle effect.

KinderCare Art

Glistening Art

KinderCare Salt Art

Paige and I created several works of art, but the following is our favorite!

For the different depths of color, I used the neon and assorted food coloring. This was such a fun project that we can do over and over again! Doesn’t the glistening paint look lovely on my refrigerator?

Refrigerator Art
I liked this project because much like Monet’s work, from a distance the Glistening Salt Art looks different than what you see up close. Paige and I were able to talk about different works of art and why flowers are so much fun to paint! As summer fades, we have a beautiful reminder of the green grass, bright sun, fluffy clouds and summer flowers!

Finished Art
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  1. This is a gorgeous after school activity for my son or daughter. They really like creating art and I like how pretty the picture turned out! I like the idea of using salt to create art!

  2. How marvelous. I have a distant memory of our teacher doing this with the salt and the paint (and putting the board in a tray. Our pictures were more like lakes of color though. Probably were were younger than your daughter.

  3. Pamela Gurganus on

    I absolutely love his art project! My family really enjoy doing crafts and they would really like this. Thank you for sharing.

  4. My grandson’s favorite activities are art projects and this is such a cool idea! I’m for sure going to put it together for him. Thanks!!

  5. How fun! My niece and nephew are coming over this weekend, I really should try this with them, they’d love it 🙂

  6. Crystal Rogers Walker on


  7. Heather Johnson on

    This is such a cue fun craft. I have done this with children I have taken care of and my own kiddos. They had fun and enjoyed it

  8. Betsy Rubendall Barnes on

    Great recipe for cool paint! This is a perfect way to spend a rainy day or even a snow day and I have all of the needed items already, no need to buy a bunch things. 🙂

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