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Qeepsake App

Have you ever been with your little ones and they say the most adorable thing? Or they share a fond memory? My son Cam always would call pepperoni “Peppi-roni” and angel food cake “angel bread”. I typically  write these down, but it isn’t always convenient, as I don’t always have a paper and pen handy, especially when I am out and about.


Even though he is now 13, I am going to work on this! I’m really excited that in 20 years, my son can share this with his family. I am known as the memory keeper in my family. Whether it is taking lots of photos or making memory books, I love to make and collect memories.

In this day and age, everyone is using smartphones for just about everything. That is what makes the Qeepsake app such a fantastic idea. Qeepsake is a NEW service for parents that helps capture and archive favorite moments that they have had with their child(ren). Those special memories that you never, ever want to forget? They are safely stored in with Qeepsake.

  • Qeepsake uses text messaging to prompt parents daily (or less often) with an insightful question from our proprietary database of questions.
  • Parents add Qeepsake as a contact in their phone and send in text and picture messages.
  • The parent’s response is stored privately and securely in their Qeepsake account on the website.

You Can:

  • Save funny quotes from your kiddos
  • Track likes and dislikes
  • Record milestones and more


Then you can choose how often you want to receive questions:


Qeepsake is all about sharing and saving those precious moments – the happy times, the proud time, and of course, the giggle moments.

Other uses for the Qeepsake website include viewing your journal entries, correct those text message typos, and adding more details if you’d like. Give it a try! With the holidays coming up, making a book for grandparents, aunts and uncles would be a fun and much appreciated gift idea.

Sign up for Qeepsake and make sure you enter code EIGHTYMPHMOM. Signing up is quick and super easy. I am especially excited about this good news from Qeepsake: Coming later this year, you will be able to print and share your Qeepsake journals! Just think how much their future spouses and their own children will enjoy seeing these.

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