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If there is one thing I think everyone should have, it’s a selfie stick. Wait, wait. I know there are some who will, ahem, vehemently disagree with me but hear me out. Recently we tried out the Solo Stick, a Bluetooth selfie stick that is easy to take anywhere!

Picture it, you have a great backdrop for an amazing photo but your arm only extends so far. Or, you have a great group of friends gathered and you’d like a group picture. Solo Stick to the rescue!

The Solo Stick is super easy to use. In fact, I simply took it out of the package, connected my phone via Bluetooth and started taking picture. The charge on the Solo Stick is amazing! For as much use as we’ve given it, I’ve only had to charge it once! It’s definitely good to go for a weekend full of photos!

Solo Stick
The Solo Stick has a 2 ½’ reach and retracts down to the size of pencil. You can easily take a photo, record video. I like the Solo Stick because it works with my iPhone 6+ and Paige’s iPod.  We received blue, but there are other colors to choose from, as well.

Solo Stick1
The Solo Stick has a grip handle for comfort and a wrist strap for extra security. It works with iPhone or Android devices.

Available in a wired or Bluetooth connections, the Solo Stick retails between $59.99 – $34.99.  However, they are on sale, it’s crazy – for as low as $14.99!

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