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In our house, we go through headphones like you wouldn’t believe. With two adults, one teen, one tween and a Minecraft/YouTube obsessed 7-year-old, we’re constantly using our own headphones. While I like buying high quality headphones, I don’t want to pay a lot of money for something that my kids might not be so careful with. As parents, we all know how stuff gets left on the floor of bedrooms, in the minivan, under the covers in beds that are halfway made…pretty much anywhere they’re not supposed to be. I’ve lost count of the number of headphones & earbuds that have been lost or broken this year alone, just by not being careful enough with them!

Edifier Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones Review

We were asked to try out Edifier’s H840 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones. My 16 year old wanted to be the first to try them out. He’s always using headphones to listen to music, watch videos on YouTube and to play video games, so having a high quality set is important to him. The first thing he commented on was the ear pieces. When you wear headphones as much as he does, you want them to be comfortable and these were definitely comfortable with their leather ear cups. We also loved that you could adjust them to fit your head (since we’re all known to have big head around here, this is a must!). Second, the sound quality was great and he loved listening to movie with his headphones while working on his schoolwork.

Edifier Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones Review

One thing that sometimes bothers me about headphones, as opposed to ear buds, is that sometimes when the kids are wearing them, I can still hear what they’re listening to. That’s not the case with Edifier’s H840 Hi-Fi Stereo Headphones. You can’t hear what the person is listening to so there’s no distraction when you’re trying to work or just trying to have some quiet time.

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No matter what your budget is, Edifier has headphones or earbuds that are perfect for you (the pair we reviewed retail for $39.99). Head on over to Edifier’s site to learn about all the different headphones they make and be sure to follow them on social media: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Pinterest | Instagram



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