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We’ve reached the busy portion of the year for me and usually, I am right on top of Halloween and the buying and making of costumes but not this year. This year, I have so many other things to do that I had decided not to make any costumes from scratch, we would be buying all of them. The only problem is that the kids had no idea what they wanted to be so I let the entire thing slipped my mind. Then came the invitation for a trunk-or-treat and there I sat with my costume-less children and just a few days left before the celebration. Up popped a notification to check out, a new site with an array of different things and prices that were out of this world.


I perused the website and found every type of costume we’d been considering, all at fantastic prices. There were decorations, pet supplies, even grocery items available too. Out of curiosity, I checked out the mobile site too and found that it is literally one of the easiest mobile sites I’ve ever navigated. A few websites could use to take some pointers from‘s layout, I think!


So I found all of the Halloween gear that we were interested in and got ready to make my purchase. Would shipping be a problem? I wondered. I checked the standard shipping time on each of the items that I carted and found that each one said just 2-5 days! That’s better than the standard on all of the costume sites and a lot of the online shopping sites, unless you pay for the extra memberships on those sites, which my family never does! Seeing a quick shipping time for no extra cost or membership makes me all giddy. We’re last minute kind of people, sometimes. You have to be able to flexible with this busy lifestyle and huge family!


The children were so excited when their costumes came and I was extremely interested to see what the quality was like. I’m a skeptic so I can’t help it, if I pay a mere $7.79 for a licensed character costume, I’m going to expect a not-so-great item in return. Boy, was I wrong! The Frozen’s Anna costume that we ordered for my four year old was absolutely adorable! It came in three pieces so it was a lot easier for her to put on, too.


Jake and the Neverland Pirates was the costume my two year old son chose and his was just too cute also! It came with a little hat and boot covers, he was ecstatic! Both costumes were sized right, quality as good as any other costume you’d pay an arm and leg for, and all taken care of from the comfort of my own home!


The last costume was a treat for myself. I ordered myself a Mrs. Claus costume that I’ll probably wear at Christmas time because that’s my favorite holiday and I like to have fun with it! I’m not too sure that my eight month pregnant belly would fit into it right now and I’m afraid to ruin it! This costume feels so nice with its soft and velvet material though, I’m thoroughly impressed!

Overall, what is my feeling on this new website? A++. I made a mistake on my order and called their customer service, short wait time and possibly the sweetest man ever on the other line who understood the problem within seconds. So customer service gets a thumbs up too! With the ease of ordering, huge savings (did you see where I said that I paid $7.79 for a Frozen costume?! I mean, really!), fab quality of items, and brisk shipping time, I think that I would check via their mobile site before ever making any purchases while I’m out somewhere. As soon as I started using it, I said to my husband, “This is a pretty good site, I think I’m going to stick with it!”



You can order Halloween costumes or nearly anything else you need, at an awesome discounted price, here at

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  1. I’ve never heard of this site before but, wow, I can’t believe the deal you got on the Frozen costume. I’m going to have to check it out for the Holidays and my grandson’s birthday. Thanks for the information & review!

  2. That frozen costume would’ve made my stepdaughter excited as well as myself… that’s a great price! We paid way more for a used pottery barn dragon costume. Bookmarking this page. My wife will love it.

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