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Now that Halloween has passed and we’ve officially switched over into the seasonal routine of daylight savings time, the cool weather has found a way to sneak back into our lives. Living here in the northeast, I often hear people from out-of-state ooh and aah over things like the fall foliage but, for those of us that are familiar with the area, it’s the temperature that is most anticipated and sometimes even dreaded.

Happy Fall - Randi
Personally, I do enjoy the fall season. Give me a good fire and a cup of hot chocolate (with marshmallows!) and I’m set. As much as I do love a good chill every now and then, it is imperative that we supply ourselves with the proper outerwear. Just this morning, we had a horrid downpour complete with a wicked chill and in the chaos of school drop off and making sure that the umbrellas didn’t fly away, I realized that the kids had actually forgotten to put their jackets back on after getting out of the car. Thankfully the run from the car to the door was a short one, but those few minutes were certainly my reminder that the season and cooler weather really are here.

As many of you may already know, my family and I are quite the outdoorsy type. Because of that, just any old outwear doesn’t quite cut it for us. We usually have a multitude of jackets and accessories to last us through the season. Everything from a lightweight jacket and a raincoat to a heavy winter jacket and full snow suits. However, among the closet of warmth, we typically have one piece that can be used on a daily basis throughout the cooler months. For this, we are sure to opt for a durable product from a trusted brand and more often than not, it’s Carhartt.

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For those of you that may not be familiar with Carhartt, I have one word for you – amazing!

Carhartt manufactures premium clothing known for exceptional durability, comfort, quality of construction and fit that you can feel in the fabrics and see in the performance.

Carhartt is so much more than just another outerwear company. While most competitors’ items would last you a single season, the quality and durability of each and every one of the Carhartt products provide consumers with long-lasting comfort that can be enjoyed for years to come. Now, I’m sure that you’ve heard similar statements before but with an age-old Carhartt jacket (one that has been passed down through generations) currently sitting in our hall closet, I have physical proof of it.

Old Carhartt Jacket
Although the color may have faded a bit over the years, the excellence is still the same as the day it was originally purchased. After all, that is one of the core values from which the brand was started.

Back in 1989, Hamilton Carhartt began making workwear with a single goal in mind: to set a standard of excellence to which all others would aspire. Starting with only four sewing machines and five employees, the first products manufactured were overalls in duck and denim fabrics. With entrepreneurial vision and determination, Hamilton Carhartt established a brand that has withstood the test of time. 125 years later, we continue to adhere to those same values.

While I am personally quite fond of the brand’s sweatshirts (who doesn’t love a good hoody to snuggle up in?!) and the mister is an avid wearer of the company’s footwear, it is no secret that Carhartt is most known for their outerwear. We have both been known to don our jackets when the weather calls for it and, having been fans of the Carhartt line for so long, it was only a matter of time before the kiddos followed suit. That’s why I am so glad to be able to introduce to you Carhartt Kids!

Carhartt Kids

With an extensive line and sizes ranging from infant through youth 16 and brilliant designs for both boys and girls, Carhartt certainly has something for kids everywhere.

As the mother of two boys, it’s no secret that big brother’s clothing often gets passed down to the little guy so I had our oldest sit down with me when I was presented with the opportunity to showcase one of the Carhartt Kids products. As the feisty little just-like-dad and camo-kid that he is, looking through the newly released selection of kids’ wear reached an excitement level equivalent to that of Christmas morning. In the end, he opted for the all new Realtree Xtra Active Jac.

Made with 12-ounce, 100% cotton duck and featuring the popular Realtree Xtra Brown camouflage pattern, this particular jacket isn’t only comfortable but it is stylish. With one and two checked off right there, Carhartt Kid approval gives it that coveted check three!

From a parent’s perspective, it is the smaller details that I was most interested in. With rough and tumble little boys, outerwear has to be much more than just comfortable and stylish, it has to be durable too. Knowing that it is Carhartt, I was already confident that this jacket would easily be one that is eventually passed onto our youngest. You see, Carhartt doesn’t only make fabulous products at eye’s glance but they truly do put a deep-rooted focus on the quality and durability of all of their products down to the very last stitch. In this case, it’s the triple-stitched seams.


In addition to the Realtree Xtra Active Jac already including the brand’s superior outerwear insulation, it also features a quilted brushed tricot body lining for added warmth and, yes, comfort!


To round out and top off the jacket’s features, there is an attached hood that’s perfect for use in inclement weather such as rain, wind, and snow.


Although we haven’t quite gotten into the dead of winter just yet, I am so excited to have been able to add this amazing Carhartt Kids piece to our fall and winter outerwear collection. Whether we’re raking leaves, off-roading and running through the muck, taking a trip to the playground, keeping warm on those snowy days, shielding ourselves from the brisk wind, or even making a run for it in the midst of a downpour like this morning, I’m glad to have Carhartt by our sides and on our backs.

Durable gear that’ll last way past their next growth spurt. Rough and tumble gear perfect for helping mom and dad with yard work, getting dirty on the playground, and everything in between. It’s Carhartt quality, only in a smaller package.

Joining the adult collection, Carhartt Kids has truly rounded out the line by making Carhartt a family thing. Today, tomorrow, or three generations from now, Carhartt is quality. Carhartt is durability. Carhartt is excellence.

This fall, join me in being part of the Carhartt family and stock up on fabulous outerwear, clothing, accessories, and so much more for your own Carhartt Kids and the entire family!

You can purchase the Realtree Xtra Active Jac seen here as well as all other Carhartt Kids and Carhartt products direct from the brand’s website and retail locations (find a Carhartt store near you here) as well as from various retailers both in-stores and online.

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