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Since my children are still fairly young, their big Christmas present comes from “Santa” (and will as long as they believe).  They also receive a few presents from my husband and me, but those presents are a lot smaller and less expensive (since, you know, I have already dropped a lot of money on their “Santa” gifts).  It can be difficult finding something meaningful that they will enjoy, without costing too much.

Magicforest is an importer and distributor of toys and games from around the world.  Magicforest is currently the exclusive distributor of eight European toy brands – Moulin Roty, Trudi, Sevi, Vilac, Petticollin, Jeujura, OGAS, and Make2Play, all sold through online retailer Bonjour Petit.  These brands make fun and unique art-infused toys and games at great prices, including gifts under $40, gifts under $30, and stocking stuffers that range in price from $5 to $25!  I received two toys to review – an Acoustic Red Guitar made by French toymaker Vilac, and a Pirate Ship from German toymaker OGAS.

The Vilac Acoustic Red Guitar would make a great gift for the little music lover in your life.  My daughter has been wanting a real guitar ever since her older cousin got one for her birthday.  This guitar is perfect for someone her age – it is small enough for her to hold and play with her little hands and arms, and even comes with a guitar pick for real music-making.  It is painted with a non-toxic finish, and I love the bright red color!  The best part is the price – just $33!  I cannot wait to teach my daughter how to play and hear her rock out!

The OGAS Pirate Ship is sure to be loved by children who are into pirates and boats.  The ship is made of spruce wood painted red and black, with a cotton sail that has the Jolly Roger on it.  It floats like a real pirate ship too!  At $10, this is a small but fun toy that would be great addition to your child’s gift.  My daughter was excited to have a real pirate ship to go along with all of her other pirate toys.

The Vilac Acoustic Red Guitar and OGAS Pirate Ship, as well as other toys imported by Magicforest, can be purchased online through Bonjour Petit (which also offers gift-wrapping and free shipping over $75).  You can also find these toys in a toy store near you.  Be sure to check out Magicforest to learn more about each brand and view downloadable catalogs.  With so many different toys available through Magicforest at affordable prices, you can be sure to get fun and unique gifts for all of the children on your list this year without blowing your budget.

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  1. We don’t have children in our home, but my brother has 2 small girls. He would love to check out this company. They have great prices.

  2. How charming is that guitar! I have sort of a THING for stuff like that. I might use it in a decorative display though.

  3. This seems like a wonderful place to find gifts for kids and adults. I know I’d love the pirate ship! Definitely going to check them out.

  4. My grandsons would love the pirate ships, and I would too. The best part about being a grandfather is getting to play with toys again. lol

  5. Angela A Simmons on

    both of our children are graduating this year but we just found out we are expecting in July. Its funny how much your forget in 18 years.

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