Give Them The Gift of Their Dreams with the Avigo Range Rover Sport 12V Ride-on!


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Two years ago, we moved into our new home with an enormous backyard from a house in the city with virtually no backyard at all. The neighbors behind us had a small motorized car and ever since, my kids have begged for one of their own. We wanted to make sure that we found a vehicle of the absolute best quality because it’s a big gift and an even bigger dream, you don’t want to crush them by buying something that doesn’t work well or last long! This season as shopping got under way, we learned about the Avigo Range Rover Sport 12V Ride-on Vehicle and I was ecstatic!


The Avigo Range Rover Sport 12V Ride-on is a relatively large motorized vehicle that I knew would fit my family perfectly. It seats two at a time so the kids can go on their little adventures together. We chose the white and I think it has such a classy and booty-kicking look to it! Besides the fact that this ride-on resembles an actual Range Rover Sport, it functions so much like a real car! The doors actually open and close, instead of jumping over the side or my having to lift them into it. The wheels and tailpipes have a cool chrome look to them too. The entire interior has a very realistic look as well! Children get a kick out of the fact that the start, engine, and horn buttons all work and include fun sound effects, plus they get to use an actual foot pedal to accelerate! They’re all convinced that they are tiny little licensed drivers now, we’ll have to make up some fake licenses!


At 4.5 miles per hour, your children can tool up and down the yard having a blast. My personal favorite feature on the Avigo Range Rover Sport 12V Ride-on is the speaker jack that allows you to collect your phone or portable music player to the car and play it out loud. We’re planning on taking advantage of this awesome feature to surprise my five year old at Christmas. Maybe my idea will inspire you, too! Picture this: Mommy drives up (because the weight limit for two children is 132 lbs!) playing my child’s favorite country song, beeping away with a big bow on the hood! Her eyes are going to light up like stars!


When I first pushed the pedal, I was taken aback by the kick that this car has. It drove up and over the tree stump in our backyard, across the fallen leaves and acorns we haven’t gotten to yet, and it really took off! Not only would I suggest that the Avigo Range Rover Sport 12V Ride-on is the absolute perfect gift for your kids to receive from Santa’s sack of once-in-a-lifetime gifts, but I think it would be suitable for a pretty big range of ages. I have four children that range in age from two to eight so at the very least, I vouch for those ages. This is one of those gifts that I think you never tire of because every ADULT I know wants to take a spin, so I imagine that if your child can fit and they love fun an awesome toys, this is going to be the one for you!


To counter some comments I’ve seen about the noise, I played with motorized cars like this for all of my life and this car is no louder than any that I’ve ever been around. Motorized cars have a motor, they make a little noise. With us hooking up our stereo, there’s lots of sound as we’re rocking out! So far, I’ve seen absolutely nothing to complain about with the Avigo Range Rover Sport 12V Ride-on and I am extremely confident that we’ve made the best choice. FINALLY! I don’t think you’ll regret this gift purchase unless it’s because you’re regretting they don’t make a bigger one for you! You’re only a kid once, let them go wild with the Avigo Range Rover Sport 12V Ride-on!


You can purchase the Avigo Range Rover Sport 12V Ride-on in white or grey, at Toys R Us for $399.99!


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