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The holidays are right around the corner and this year, we’re hosting a number of events! Thanksgiving, book club Christmas party and Christmas Eve with the family. I can’t wait! This year I’m mixing mediums – I typically showcase my love for vintage kitchenware. Using my Harvest Grape milk glass, Fire King bowls and serving dishes, etc. I’m excited to add a bit of modern into my love of vintage with the Spun Lazy Susan from Umbra.

The Spun Lazy Susan is such a unique piece!

It’s a set of 5 removable ceramic dishes on a spinning acacia wood base that spins. Four dishes line the base with the center dish, which is like a bowl that has an acacia wood lid that matches the base.  The base features a lip that keeps the dishes securely in place (see photo below), so transferring the Spun Lazy Susan from the counter or prepping area to the table is easy.  I simply love the clean lines and the mixed materials.

Put out those hors d’ouevres, with the bright white dishes and your food will look lovely on the Spun Lazy Susan. Clean up is easy, the ceramic dishes are dishwasher safe and because they are removable, storage is a cinch. For the record, the ceramic dishes are also microwave safe if you need a quick warm up. There’s no need to transfer to another dish. Brilliant!

Spun_Lazy_Susan_Umbra Collage
The Spun Lazy Susan was designed by David Cheng who has been with Umbra since 2009. Umbra is a Toronto based business that features designers from around the globe. They feature pieces that stand out with innovative design and as I’ve discovered, they create conversation!  I have several items from Umbra and I’m always asked about them!  I’m hosting the Book Club Christmas Party this year and I can’t wait to set out this piece with cheeses, bread and fruit!

EMPHM Holiday GG
The Spun Lazy Susan retails for $80.00 and would make a lovely gift for the hostess, that friend who loves to entertain or that one person who has it all!

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