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Personalization is something that I love to do for my kids. We spend so much time picking out these beautiful, fitting names for our children and I never tire of seeing or saying them. I get them the keychains, order customized blankets, and anything else I can get my hands on. A little over a week ago, I gave birth to my littlest baby girl. Her name was in the works for years. My husband and I talked about using it six years ago but I didn’t agree with spelling and halfway through the pregnancy it went kaput and was replaced. With our next daughter, I vetoed it again immediately. Determined to use it, Hubby brought it up one last time with this pregnancy and I finally fell in love with a spelling and back in love with the name. It was official, our girl name was chosen if that’s what we had and then last week, I gave birth to a baby girl! Needless to say, her name has been very special to us and we want her to learn what it is, so we say it to her often. When I saw the RockabyBoo app, I knew that would be such a pretty way to teach her her name and make it special for her.


When my oldest was a baby, I’d purchased a rather expensive personalized CD for her that was just plain not good. Because of that experience,  I was extremely thrilled and surprised that RockabyBoo lullabies were absolutely amazing. The instrumentals are similar to the type of music that my husband and I would enjoy, relaxing and smooth. The female singing voice in the lullabies is by far and away one of the best and most gorgeous voices that I’ve ever heard and it’s really quite soothing.


Now that I knew that we loved RockabyBoo, the question was how would my baby girl enjoy her new music? It passed the test! She slowly shut her tiny eyes and drifted off. I think that RockabyBoo will also be useful as she grows older and transitions to a bedroom without Mommy and Daddy.


The RockabyBoo app itself is simple to navigate. There are lullabies, instrumentals, and stories like “The Caterfly”, which is adorable. There are many names within the RockabyBoo system but if your child’s isn’t included, you can request it, as new names are recorded often. The lullabies are original and available in multiple languages, with new songs added regularly.


RockabyBoo is such a sweet application for your itty bitty and I think it is perfect for naps, bedtime, or just relaxing, quiet time. Having easy access to this wonderfully soothing music is great for taking on-the-go, like during the holiday visits to Grandma’s when Baby still have to get in that nap! This is definitely a helpful, convenient app to have for a new mom and her precious little one!


You can purchase the RockabyBoo app for Apple for 1 Month – $1.99, 3 Months – $4.99, 6 Months – $7.99, or 12 Months – $11.99 here at the Apple store. Coming soon to Android!
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