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Last year, I introduced you to a product I fell in love with by the name of SnapPower Guidelights. SnapPower Guidelights are outlet plates with tiny lights built-in instead of occupying all of the spaces in your outlet with a plug-in night light. The SnapPower Guidelights have a light sensor so they shut off in the daylight automatically. They have the perfect level of brightness, illuminating enough of the area that you can see in the dark but not so much that it keeps my kids awake. These utilize LED lights, which cost less per year and last much longer than other lights. SnapPower Guidelights became one of my favorite products ever the minute I’d first heard of them! Then, I was ecstatic to hear that they came out with another product…SnapPower Chargers!


In my house, we have tons and tons of electronics that need charging. My husband has a personal and work phone. I have a phone. We both have tablets and e-readers, plus the children have tablets. We have a massive power strip full of plugs at times. Seeing the SnapPower Chargers, I knew that a problem was solved for us! SnapPower Chargers are outlet plates with built-in USB outlets at the bottom, so that you can plug in your device. The cords plug in and seem to work the same as any other charger, leaving room to hook up any of your other contraptions in the other slots!

What I love about both the SnapPower Guidelights and Chargers is the limiting of the space occupying the outlet. The installation takes mere minutes, or less, and is extremely easy. They’re safer than other outlets in that there’s less for the kids to go tugging on. SnapPower products are far more attractive than the alternative, too. They just look like regular outlets, for the most part, and now there are less cords hanging out all over the place!


Our SnapPower Guidelights are being utilized in all of our children’s rooms right now. We much prefer it to regular night lights, in which they pull out or move around when we’re not in the room. We had an instance at one point where one of the kids would get up in the middle of the night and remove the regular night light just to keep the other one awake. I can say that both my husband and I really love that that is no longer an issue with our SnapPower Guidelights!


The Chargers are the best for my living room and bedroom because there are so many devices that have to share a plug with the television, the phone, or right now, Christmas tree lights! We like having another plug available to us without all of the hassle or looking like Clark Griswold’s wild outlets! That is not appealing, nor is it safe! We’ll still to our SnapPower!

I’m a huge fan of SnapPower in general and I’m always visiting their site to see if they’ve come out with any other products that make my life a little easier. I actually gave my mom and stepdad two SnapPower Guidelights for Christmas because my mom raved about how much she loved ours. Like me, my mom thinks that SnapPower is one of the coolest and most useful products out there! So, SnapPower comes highly recommended by me and my family!

Buy: You can purchase SnapPower Guidelights for $15 each and Chargers for $19 at SnapPower. (Save money if you buy multiple at once!)


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