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I’m very honest about the fact that my little Pippa isn’t the brightest bulb in the box. I mean, how can I expect her to be? She spent nearly the first 7 years of her life in a puppy mill. It’s not exactly her fault. What she’s lacking upstairs is completely replaced by the love that she has. She’s amazing – but we’re still going to work on stimulating her mentally with the BUSTER Activity Mat.

BUSTER Activity Mat

The BUSTER Activity Mat is absolutely brilliant for any dog! There are 35 press studs that you can attach different tasks to. It’s a generous in size at 27” x 19”, but not so obnoxious that it’s a pain to store. The activity mat rolls up, secures with velcro and comes in a great carrier bag to keep everything nice and tidy, as well as three activities – the water lily, the cone cloth (easiest) and the envelope (more challenging). We started Pippa with these three, just because I didn’t want to overwhelm her. Hide treats for extra motivation – we have to get creative with this one. Pippa can have plain Cheerios and baby carrots and Lucy, who is diabetic, can only have baby carrots.

Lucy and Pippa BUSTER Activity Mat

We also received the Top Hat, Mousetrap and Springroll task for the BUSTER Activity Mat.

The different tasks can be moved around and most of them have different levels of difficulty. Perfect for my two – Lucy is a pretty smart girl, so she can figure out the easier activities, no problem.  Pippa on the other hand…well, she needs a lot of help!

BUSTER Activity Mat back

The BUSTER Activity Mat is and can be washed in warm soapy water (I personally love that aspect of this activity mat!). It’s heavy duty too – made to last it’s made from a durable nylon with a non-slip texture on the bottom to keep it in place. That means it’s great on wood floors, tile, carpet, etc.

The BUSTER Activity Mat comes with the handy carrying case for storage or travel.  I plan on taking this to Omaha when we visit family. My sister-in-law has three schnauzers, her friend has one that often stays with her girls during the day and add my two girls…it’s a Schnauzer Rodeo! I think ALL of them will love this activity mat but know that it is recommended that only one dog play at a time.  It’s that whole territorial thing that they have going on.  Of course, you are the best judge of your pets, so use your own discretion.


A product of Denmark, the BUSTER Activity Mat was created by Marianne Haller Vesterholt who has a miniature schnauzer, Ludwig. Those schnauzers are pretty smart and her Ludwig soon outsmarted his traditional doggie toys.

BUSTER Activity Mats Tasks

The BUSTER Activity Mat is available on Amazon for $62.99.

All told there are 12 different tasks available for the BUSTER Activity Mat.  They range in difficulty on a scale from 1 to 3.  The additional tasks are also sold on Amazon and retail between $8.88 – $14.99.



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