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With my kids learning to read and write, the question of technology use comes up more and more. They want to be able to message and send picture to Grandma and their friends but there aren’t a lot of safe options out there for wee little ones. Monster Messenger is a fun app that allows kids them to do just that and more!

My children don’t have phones of their own so I downloaded Monster Messenger on my iPad and my husband’s iPhone. The sign-up was simple but still required parental activation, which I appreciate. I set up an account for both me and my oldest daughter, whose age and gender it asked. Then I sent along an invitation to my mom. After we were all set, we got to playing with the app itself.

Beside the fact that the texting is great spelling and writing practice for the kids, Monster Messenger is a blast to play with! You can send each other characters, like those cute little monster guys! My daughter thought that they were so adorable and funny. You can send pictures or recorded sound clips. The drawing is probably my favorite part because I love to doodle and you can even doodle on the pictures, whether or sent or received them.

My daughter and I sat and played with Monster Messenger together for quite a while. She had absolutely no trouble navigating it and showing me all of the cool features. She drew me a cute picture, which she added some character stickers to, and made a little sound byte that said, “I love you Mommy!” (Aw!) I sent her a selfie with a funny mustache and glasses and then she sent me a regular selfie, which I added a mustache to and sent back!


So there’s no question that Monster Messenger is packed with entertainment…but as a parent, I’m sure you’re wondering about the safety aspect. That was my very first thought. With Monster Messenger, all of the friend/chat invitations have to be approved by the parents first. If my mom friend requests my daughter, it will go through me first. If my nephew wants to friend request my daughter, first his mom will have to approve it and THEN I would have to approve it before my daughter could. I absolutely love that it goes through both parents of a child. So this means that even if Susie down the street’s mom approves her message and we’ve had an issue with bullying, I can still deny it myself! If all social media worked this way, I think I would be happy to get them involved with it!

One of the most impressive features is “R-U-Sure”. When the Monster Messenger app detects the use of a word that signals hate, meanness or foul language, the app asks the user “R-U Sure you want to use that word? This makes kids think a little bit about appropriate language, and helps them make the distinction between the right and wrong words to use. If a child chooses to change the word, he/she will receive positive feedback. Genius!

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I definitely recommend Monster Messenger, not only because it’s an amusing way for them to communicate with friends and family, but because I love the system of privacy they have set up. My girls are going to have a blast sending messages, pictures, and drawings to Grandma and I know she will love it too!

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  1. That is adorable! My sons are still a bit too young to have phones but I can see this going over well!

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