April Showers Brings…ShedRain Umbrellas!


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It’s nearly April and in my neck of the woods, we prepare for the rainy season.  April weather is best described as unpredictable in Nebraska.  We can have sun, wind, rain, snow and severe weather like tornados all in one day.  It’s best to be prepared and with umbrellas from ShedRain Umbrellas, I’m ready! 

ShedRain Umbrellas send us a couple of different umbrellas to try out – Let’s start with the WindPro Vented Auto-Open/Auto-Close Umbrella.

WindPro Vented Auto-OpenAuto-Close Umbrella
First, I selected this photo because you are able to see exactly how the venting works.  The ShedRain WindPro umbrella is made for the wind!  It’s strong, durable and easy to use!  I love how this umbrella opens and closes with the push of a button.  My work place is located in a wide open space, there isn’t much around in the form of trees or protection from the wind.  I’m surrounded by cornfields!  This umbrella offers amazing protection and why wouldn’t it with an arc of 43”?!  The ShedRain WindPro retails for $41 and comes in black or navy.

For the fashion minded, the Auto-Open/Auto-Close Vented Fashion Compact umbrella is a great option.  Again, the auto-open/auto-close feature is a must – you won’t believe how much you will come to appreciate it!  This umbrella has a vented double canopy which gives it exceptional wind resistance.  It retails for $28 and comes in a variety of fun patterns!  Plus, the compact design makes it easy to keep with me.  Whether I keep it in my car or throw it in my bag – it’s not bulky and I feel good knowing I always have it on hand.

We don’t want to leave out the kids!  ShedRain Umbrellas offers adorable Critter Umbrellas at a price that won’t break your pocketbook.  Paige has always had a fascination with umbrellas, so imagine her surprise when she received the Bat Kids’ Character Stick umbrella.  It’s so, so cute and instantly brings a smile to your face!

ShedRain Critter Umbrella Safe
The Critter umbrellas are easy and safe for kids to use with opening and closing that prevents pinched fingers and plastic tips and top cap that eliminate sharp edges.  There are four characters to choose from and these umbrellas retail for $14.99.

ShedRain Collage
I’m truly impressed with the ShedRain Umbrellas!  When it comes to design and materials, it’s high quality and they offer protection from the elements.  I simply won’t be caught without my ShedRain Umbrella ever again!

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