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In a way braces are a right of passage, yet kids and parents alike really don’t look forward to this time in a child’s life. New alternatives to traditional metal braces are now available to patients looking for a faster, more comfortable orthodontic treatment, and one Beverly Hills orthodontist is at the forefront of these advances. Introducing orthodontist Dr. Mahtab Partovi, and her Partovi Method.

Dr. Partovi combines customized, specially selected braces with new technology and techniques, which includes gum and tooth contouring, as well as LED teeth whitening. Her method provides a “Hollywood smile” in up to 60% less time than regular orthodontic treatment plans.

Dr. Partovi is able to develop the arches in the mouth with a much more conservative and painless approach.

partovi method braces
This specialized treatment is said to be more comfortable, personalized, and most importantly it has permanent results. Of course, the natural assumption is that “this is too good to be true”, but I believe this new method will be the future of orthodontics with the highly acclaimed Dr. Partovi at the forefront.

partovi method before and after

Payment plans are coordinated so that the Partovi Method can be affordable to most anyone!

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