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For about twelve years, I have been straightening my thick, frizzy, wavy hair. I prefer it to any other style. This means that I always need at least one hair straightener in my possession, although I like to have a back-up just in case. Recently, my main straightener started to shut off midway through doing my hair so I moved to the back-up. This one was leaving this odd puffiness to my hair so I started searching high and low for reviews of a good straightener for a decent price. The opportunity to review Vanity Planet‘s Tame Damp or Dry Hair Styling Flat Iron could not have come at a better time!

The Tame Damp or Dry Hair Styling Flat Iron is actually the best straightener I’ve used, so much so that my own husband actually remarked about how good my hair looks. That is really saying something, consider that for a moment. Haha! He said to me, “Wow, your hair looks great! That new straightener is really good!” My hair has become really dry in the past year and the Tame flat iron made it pretty smooth and soft, which is exactly what I was looking for!

Vanity Planet‘s Tame Damp or Dry Hair Styling Flat Iron can reach 450°F, which is a need for my thick and coarse hair. I think that the high temperature is why it didn’t take me over an hour to do it like it does with some straighteners. The 1.25″ Cermaic Titanium plates are coated with Tourmaline, which I’ve learned is definitely a must for the shiny hair aspect. The built-in ion generator is what’s giving me the frizz-free smoothness, as it infuses active ions while you style. The vents on the top plate release steam so you can use it on damp hair too but my hair seems to only go from soaking wet to completely dry so I didn’t try doing it while damp!

I like that it has a lock and unlock feature to actually hold it closed. My last two straighteners didn’t have this and I think it just makes storage a million times easier, as does the 360° tangle-free swivel cord. I’m not untangling knots in the cord all the time, despite the fact that I’m moving all around juggling the kids while I do my hair. The Tame Damp or Dry Hair Styling Flat Iron also has an intelligent auto-shut off that turns the iron off after an hour because while I’m careful about this, I have some family members who’ve left theirs on way too many times! I like the rubberized and textured grip because it doesn’t get hot and it’s pretty comfortable to hold.

What surprised me the most about using the Tame Damp or Dry Hair Styling Flat Iron was that my hair didn’t get tangled in it. I did a quick turn to look at one of the kids and I was certain my hair was going to get stuck like it always does in other ones. I cringed before I moved back and nothing happened. Apparently, this is due to the way the plates are contoured. My first thought is um, if there is a way to make sure we don’t snag our hair, why aren’t all straighteners doing this? I appreciate that Tame Damp or Dry Hair Styling Flat Iron had my feelings in mind when they made this convenient straightener!

The Tame Damp or Dry Hair Styling Flat Iron is on sale right now for $60, marked down from $200 so I recommend buying it now because that is an extremely good deal for such a great quality straightener. I can honestly say that had I heard of it and known how well it worked, I would have probably bought two and it made it both my primary and my back-up. I was interested in a lot of the Vanity Planet beauty products (like the brush fan compact and all the rest of their makeup) so I’ll certainly be shopping online there from now on.

Buy: Purchase the Tame Damp or Dry Hair Styling Flat Iron on for $29.99!

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