Craftsman 24V Max Li-Ion 135 MPH Cordless Sweeper review


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I remember years ago when my husband had to use an electric leaf blower when he wanted to clean up our garage floor. It was cumbersome, heavy and quite frankly I often wondered if maybe it was making even more of a mess!

Times have changed a lot for us, and since we moved, we no longer have the old leaf blower. That is okay though as we have something new from Craftsman (my hubby’s favorite brand!) that will definitely make life much easier. See, we moved out of state last summer and one of the things my husband was really excited about was having his dream shop built, since we now have the land for it.

It took a few months, but our shop is now complete! The downside to a gigantic shop is that it can be hard to keep clean. If you knew my husband, you would know what I mean. He is very particular about how his things look, and the shop is no exception – it is immaculate. Keeping the garage floor clean is a battle in itself, as we do have some dust/dirt/rocks around the yard since the construction, and these get all over the floor. Sweeping it just isn’t practical, nor is it good for my husband’s back. He had surgery a few years back, and certain (especially repetitive) movements really aggravate it.

Something lightweight sounded heavenly, so needless to say, we were both delighted when we received the Craftsman 24V Max Li-Ion 135 MPH Cordless Sweeper for review.

Craftsman 24V Max Li-Ion 135 MPH Cordless Sweeper
Where do I begin?  We are absolutely smitten with this product! Since our shop is 2,700 square feet the cordless feature is a dream come true.  We can whiz around the shop in no time with this powerful, but lightweight sweeper.

The heaviest part of the Craftsman Cordless Sweeper is the battery (and it isn’t very heavy!). Here is what the battery looks like:

craftsman sweeper battery
And the charger portion (and battery):

craftsman sweeper battery and charger

Set up was really easy – my husband assembled the pieces and charged the battery fully and was ready to go. It only takes about an hour to fully charge a drained battery. There is also an indicator which shows how much charge is left.

Why spend time sweeping those leaves and that debris away the hard way? With the Craftsman 24V Max Li-Ion 135 MPH Cordless Sweeper, you can keep the broom in the garage and blow away leaves, dust and other debris at speeds of up to 135 miles per hour. Perfect for the patio, driveway, sidewalks and all other hard outdoor surfaces, the cordless sweeper features a 20-inch blower tube and has a leaf scraper on its tip, so you can dislodge stubborn debris as you sweep. The sweeper comes with a DieHard® lithium-ion battery and a 70-minute charger that works with all other Craftsman 24V Max Li-Ion Lawn and Garden tools.

The handle is very comfortable and it will be easy to move around the shop with ease. It is sturdy, and definitely lives up to the Craftsman name.

Craftsman 24V Max Li-Ion 135 MPH Cordless Sweeper review
Another place that is really nice to use this is our bedroom. Our house has wooden floors throughout (minus the guest rooms) and since we live in the high desert, the floors can get quite dusty. It is really hard to reach under our bed and it drives me nuts when I see the dust and dust “bunnies” under there. With this I can quickly clear out the debris and simply sweep it from there. Genius!

The “tube” can be removed for easy storage too, which is really convenient.

Craftsman 24V Max Li-Ion 135 MPH Cordless Sweeper blower
Here is a short video I took of my husband using the sweeper in his new shop. As you can see, it is powerful! It was a breeze getting the dust out of the cracks in the cement, blowing away small rocks and other debris.


I can’t express how much we adore this sweeper. I know it is so much easier on my husband’s back, and it’s not too bulky for either of us to use. It gets the job done quickly and effortlessly, and that is something to love.

With a price tag of only $99, the Craftsman 24V Max Li-Ion 135 MPH Cordless Sweeper is definitely something you will want to have on hand for cleaning up messes – big and small (and deep down Spring cleaning!). You can purchase this amazing little sweeper at Sears of course! We are also smitten with the Craftsman Cordless Chainsaw that we reviewed recently.

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  1. (Craftsman 24V Max Li-Ion 135 MPH Cordless Sweeper review) This sweeper would be perfect to have right now when I have been working on getting the backyard cleaned up from winter. There are leaves everywhere! 🙁

  2. Marti Tabora on

    I really love that it’s lightweight, I have a hard time using really heavy tools and end up getting sore when I do. Craftsman is a trusted brand as well.

  3. Love this! My husband tries to use the leaf blower as a cleaning product too and ends up making a giant whirling swirling mess of cat hair, dust, leaves, etc. Makes my nose itch just thinking about it.

  4. Shakeia Rieux on

    This would make a great gift for my in-law for Father’s Day! I know he would like it because it’s cordless

  5. Mary Beth Elderton on

    Wow! I could really use this in my very small home. We have a very small space that is super low traffic now that the kids are grown. This would be perfect for in between spot cleaning, when the big vac is just too much.

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