The Oribel Cocoon, the High Chair That Grows with Your Little One!


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As my little one is approaching the solid and table food feeding age, we were in the market for a new high chair. We wanted something comfortable for the baby, preferably that didn’t take up too much space like our old one did. The Oribel Cocoon thankfully has this to its advantage! Not only does it fold but you can put the tray on the back, which is held up by magnets.

DSC_4673 (The Cocoon folded up without the tray, which I put away because we won’t need it for a while!)

The Oribel Cocoon is named as such because it’s a high chair that transitions, like a caterpillar to a butterfly. The multiple reclining positions help to attribute to this transition. The fully reclined position offers the chance for your very little baby to join the dinner table with the family. I love this because my children really value family dinners and I’m always sitting separately when we have a new baby. Now I can lie down my little one in the chair next to everyone else so that we can both still be part of that special time each night.


The high chair also has two types of trays, a full-sized regular tray for when your baby is feeding himself or a small tray with cup holder that faces you for when you are feeding her! The small tray is the perfect size for the bowl or jar you’re feeding from and then the sippy cup or bottle that your child is washing it down with.


The foam material on the Oribel Cocoon makes it comfortable for the baby but also really easy to clean. Our last high chair was made of wood and proved the be almost impossible to clean because of all of the nooks and crannies. I have enough things to clean, I don’t want to scrub a high chair so I’m pretty grateful for the Cocoon.

DSC_4682 (Feeding my little lady with the small feeding tray!)

As far as age goes, the Oribel Cocoon is intended for ages 6 months to 3 years. The straps to secure your child can be moved up to grow with them, just like the positions of the chair and tray. In my opinion, the Oribel Cocoon is all that you will need for your child. It’s perfect for all of the transitions and by age 3, I know that our kids are always ready for a regular chair. It seems quite sturdy so I think it would make it through several children or be passed on to other family members. After my daughter is done with it, I’ll be offering it to my sister for my niece!

The kids and I really like the Oribel Cocoon and would recommend it! What’s more important is that my husband who’s usually indifferent to these things, told me yesterday that he really likes it too. Score!



You can purchase the Oribel Cocoon here for $199!

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  1. What a great high chair! I love that it transitions for when your baby grows and has different trays for different uses. Very cool!

  2. Kathy Pease on

    This looks so great and would be perfect for my granddaughter..I will have to show this to my daughter 🙂

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