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*I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Always Discreet®. I received I received free samples from P&G. All opinions stated are my own.


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Getting older has a few perks, but it goes without saying that bladder leakage is not one of them. As I have gotten older, there are a myriad of issues that have developed. All of them don’t have to be terrible, dreadful things though. I remember when I was younger thinking that a sensitive bladder wouldn’t be a problem for me – and it isn’t bad necessarily, but it is does affect me sometimes.

Have you ever laughed so hard that you peed your pants? Embarrassing right? Recently I have found that sneezing and/or exercising can cause the same thing to happen. It is not always controllable, and of course, these accidents seem to happen at the wrong time, every time.

The initial thought I had when this first happened to me was, “Everyone will be able to tell I’m wearing something”. What I didn’t know is that we have come a long way and there are now special products for this unwanted event.

As I mentioned above, there are downsides to growing older. But body changes are a natural part of being a woman and bladder leaks don’t have to hold anyone back from the activities they love (gardening, exercising, etc.).

always discreet products for bladder leakage

Always Discreet offers products for sensitive bladders, that are…well…discreet. Thank goodness! These products are fantastic in so many ways, but I love that that nobody will even know when they are being worn, and you will barely remember either.

Did you know that 1 in 3 women have a sensitive bladder, but research shows that only 1 in 7 are using the right protection? These women are using regular pads, etc., that are more for periods – and not designed specifically to handle bladder leaks. There IS a difference! One of my favorite features of Always Discreet are Soft Dual LeakGuard barriers™ (with the pads & underwear only), which offer incredible comfort and protection to help stop leaks at the leg, where they tend to happen most. Another great feature is that Always Discreet has a super absorbent core that turns liquid to gel in seconds.

always discreet pads

Always Discreet offers liners, pads or underwear that are thin and comfortable. They are designed to absorb leaks and odors quickly (which makes it easy to be confident while wearing any of them). Since I don’t have huge issues with bladder leakage (yet), the liners work perfectly for when I think I might have issues (especially when hanging out with some of my hilarious friends). Those “oopsie” moments don’t seem quite so serious anymore. It is also a huge relief to know that when/if bladder leakage becomes a more frequent event, that I can count on Always Discreet to help me through those potentially embarrassing moments.

Leakage also happens sometimes while I am exercising, and the last thing I want to do is stop when I am really on a roll. I love that there is no need to worry when you no longer have to worry about laughing – now you can #LaughAllYouWant!

Always Discreet is brought to you by Always, the global leader in feminine care that’s protected women for over 30 years. I know they really know women, and I cannot thank them enough for making life just a bit easier.

You can find Always Discreet in all major supermarkets, pharmacies and mass retail locations. Just look in the health or aisle. Don’t forget to go to to learn more and get a free sample (while supplies last). You might want to follow Always Discreet on Facebook to be the first to hear about new product offerings, discounts and more.

I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Always Discreet®. I received I received free samples from P&G. All opinions stated are my own.


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