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I was five years old when I learned how to ride a bike.  It was probably one of the most important skills that I have ever acquired.  As a kid, that was how I got around – to see my friends, to go to school, and just to have a fun time.  I still love riding bikes and going for a bike ride around town with my family.  My youngest daughter is still too young to ride by herself, but my oldest daughter just turned five and is ready to take on a “big kid” bike.


There are so many different kinds of children’s bikes available, but we wanted to go with a brand that is well-known and trusted for quality bikes – Schwinn.  Our decision on a choice of bike got a lot easier when we found out that Schwinn has recently launched a line of SmartStart bikes for children.  The SmartStart bikes have been completely redesigned to better fit children’s bodies and riding needs for a more comfortable seat, better grip, easier pedaling, and better balance and handling.  They are truly children’s bikes, rather than mini versions of adult bikes (that do not take into consideration the needs of children and the way their bodies are shaped).  With a SmartStart bike, children are more comfortable, which gives them the ability and confidence to learn to ride quicker and easier, which really gets them excited to ride!

The Schwinn SmartStart bikes are available in 16-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch sizes.  They also come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and designs, with fun accessories like baskets, handlebar pads, streamers, or water bottles!  We got the 16″ Jamboree SmartStart bike, which we chose because my daughter loves purple.  It is designed for children 38″ to 48″ tall, so it is perfect for her size and she even has some room to grow.

The bike was sent to a local bike shop for assembly, and when I picked it up, the first words out of my mouth were “Oh, how adorable is that bike???”  I loved everything about it – the old-school look of the banana seat, the basket, the fun streamers, the flower-shaped pedals, and the fun flower design all over the seat and frame.  I could not wait for my daughter to see it.  She was doubly surprised – first by the fact that she was getting a new bike, and second by the bike itself.  She was so excited and hopped on right away.  That bike soon saw many trips around the block, and she is constantly asking if we can go outside so she can ride her new bike.

I thought the SmartStart bike had a lot of great features.  Since it is made by Schwinn, I know that it is a solid bike made from high-quality materials.  From what I could tell from watching my daughter, she was able to pedal easily and it looked like a smooth ride.  The handlebars were at the right height and distance from the seat so she could easily hold on without having to reach or bend over.  She was able to keep her balance better going around turns and maintain control of the bike at all times.  The bike was fairly lightweight (I was able to easily lift it up into the back of my car), and we were able to adjust the height of the seat quickly and without the need of a wrench.  She still has the training wheels on, but I think it is just a matter of time before those come off and she is confidently riding on two wheels.  I want her to be comfortable riding her bike so that she learns how to ride easier, has fun, and enjoys riding – we certainly found that with the Schwinn SmartStart bike!

Schwinn SmartStart bikes are available through mass retailers such as Target, Toys R Us, Walmart, and more!  Check out Schwinn SmartStart online to learn more about these great bikes, choose the perfect bike for your child, and find out where to purchase it.  The bikes run anywhere from $79 to $139 (the 16″ Jamboree sells for $99.99).  I would definitely recommend a Schwinn SmartStart bike for any child!

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