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Can you believe that back-to-school season is already upon us? Once again, it feels as if summer was gone in the blink of an eye and we’re already gearing up for school time and the cooler weather. As much as we enjoy our summers, I’m thankful that the kids equally enjoy their time spent at school. For them, back-to-school shopping is one of the most fun times of the year and, of course, that can only get better when momma has some amazing companies delivering some incredible extras as well. You see, through my work here as a Peppa Pig VIP Parent, we recently received a box filled to the brim with incredible back-to-school goodies for the kids and even a few extras to share!

Peppa Pig Backpack Packing Party

For those of you that may not be familiar with Peppa Pig, it is an adorable children’s show that focuses on the young daughter of a little, yet rather big, pig family. She, her parents, her younger brother, and her friends are constantly up to some sort of wondrous adventure that it sure to end with huge smiles on the faces of, both, characters and viewers alike.

Peppa is a lovable, exuberant little piggy who lives with her little brother George, Mommy Pig, and Daddy Pig. Peppa’s favorite things include playing games, dressing up, days out, and jumping in muddy puddles. Her adventures always end happily with loud snorts of laughter.

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Knowing that so many families are officially in back-to-school mode, the lovely folks over at Peppa Pig sent us an oinktastic Backpack Packing Party Kit featuring none other than everyone’s favorite little piggy friend – Peppa Pig! Just take a look at all of the fabulous things that can easily help your Peppa-loving kiddo get excited for the new school year!

Peppa Pig Sunny Vacation DVD

Peppa Pig Sunny Vacation DVD

With the end of summer typically being the time during which many families are enjoying the last leg of their summer vacations, it only makes sense that Peppa Pig and her family are doing the same. With a mix of excitement on the trip and the anticipation of returning home, this DVD is sure to help your little ones make the transition from summertime adventures back to the routine of being home.

It’s time for a special Family Holiday! Join Peppa Pig, her little brother George, Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig on their fun-filled trip abroad. Peppa is enjoying all of the sights and sounds of Italy, but she also can’t wait to go home and see her friends! Little ones will love the four-part sunny adventure and the rest of this cheery peppasode collection.

Peppa Pig Sunny Vacation DVD

Peppa Pig Sunny Vacation DVD

The Peppa Pig Sunny Vacation DVD not only showcases an exciting 4-part summer vacation for the Pig family but also features eight more snortingly-fun “peppasodes” including the following:

  • Potato City
  • The New House
  • Basketball
  • Fox’s Shop
  • Grampy Rabbit’s Dinosaur Park
  • Lost Keys
  • The Aquarium
  • The Sandpit

Peppa Pig Coloring Tote-Books

Peppa Pig Coloring Tote-Book

If you’ve watched Peppa Pig, you’ll know that she is a piggy that loves to color. There is even one peppasode in which her younger brother surprises her with his own artistic talent! With she and her brother being much like many children, coloring is an activity that is certainly well-loved. And, in classic back-to-school fashion, there absolutely has to be some sort of coloring involved. That is where this lovely little tote-book comes in handy.

This charming coloring tote is the perfect introduction to Peppa Pig’s wonderful world. With 24 large coloring pages along with a 12-pack of twist crayons, this is a coloring book children will enjoy. The coloring tote also contains a sticker sheet and a carry handle for closure.

Peppa Pig Coloring Tote-Book

With the crayons stored neatly within the tote-book itself and with the carry handle conveniently atop the book, the Peppa Pig Coloring Tote-Book not only serves as a fun activity for children but it helps them with their back-to-school readiness as well. You see, with everything quite literally being right there at their fingertips, they’re as happy as a pig in mud!

Peppa Pig Notebooks

Peppa Pig Notebook

In addition to coloring, many children enjoy having the ability to create their own works of art and the freedom to write down what they choose. For that, it’s notebooks to the rescue! These darling Peppa Pig notebooks not only feature everyone’s favorite oinktastic pal, but they are filled with lined paper so that children can dream up their own creations, artwork, stories, and so much more!

Peppa Pig Kraft Lunch Sacks

Peppa Pig Kraft Lunch Sack

It’s no secret that Peppa Pig appeals to young girls a bit more so than the boys. However, with two little boys that enjoy Peppa just as much as their female counterparts, I was thrilled to see that the lunch sacks featured a blue and brown design.

Peppa Pig Kraft Lunch Sack

Peppa Pig Kraft Lunch Sack

Peppa Pig Kraft Lunch Sack

The subtle design, with a simple silver Peppa Pig outline, works perfectly for everyone. In addition to its visual appeal, the lunch sack features a convenient carrying handle as well as a Velcro closure. Not only will your children’s lunch and snacks arrive to school safe and secure but they’ll be able to carry it in style!

Peppa Pig Green Lunch Cases

Peppa Pig Green Lunchbox

Packed lunches have always coincided with back-to-school and it’s no different when Peppa Pig is involved. With three separate sections to contain various foods and snacks, this lunch case is perfect for school days or even just a weekend trip to the park.

Peppa Pig Green Lunchbox

Peppa Pig Green Lunchbox

My kiddos love making their own wraps in lieu of sandwiches and this is one of the few lunch cases that I’ve seen that can easily store both wraps and sandwiches with ease. Of course, the additional two spaces are great for storing fruits, veggies, finger foods, small snacks, and so much more!

Peppa’s School Day – New Reader Book

Peppa Pig Peppa's School Day Book

If there was only one thing most synonymous with back-to-school, it would probably be reading. From the time that they were babies, we have always read with our boys and I love that they now go off and jump into storybooks on their own whim. Of course, in order for them to do so, I must provide them with content that is appropriate for their own respective reading levels. For this, I’ve always been a fan of leveled reading material and I’m excited to see that Peppa Pig is included in that.

There’s a new student in Peppa’s class! Her name is Emily Elephant. At first, Emily is very shy and quiet. Peppa helps her adjust to school and make new friends as they learn, play games, and of course, jump in muddy puddles!

Peppa Pig Peppa's School Day Book

Peppa Pig Peppa's School Day Book

Peppa Pig Peppa's School Day Book

As one of the popular Scholastic Level 1 Reader books, Peppa’s School Day is a storybook that is geared toward children that are perfecting sight words, words that can be sounded out, and simple sentences. This book most appeals to children through 1st grade and is set at a 1st grade reading level.

With all of these amazing goodies now on hand, back-to-school time is sure to be a breeze! What’s even greater is the fact that sharing is encouraged! You see, the folks at Peppa Pig didn’t only provide these items for my family but they included a few extra within the shipment so that the kids could celebrate the back-to-school season with their friends. Although we have not yet purchased the kids’ backpacks for the new school year, we are excited to schedule a fun Peppa Pig Backpack Packing Party with some of our friends. I’m sure that, with Peppa Pig there to help, school time will be just as adventurous as any Sunny Vacation or muddy puddle jumping afternoon!

You can purchase many of the Peppa Pig products featured here in addition to numerous other Peppa Pig products from various retailers such as Toys”R”Us, Barnes & Noble, Kohl’s, Target, Amazon, etc. both online and in stores nationwide.

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  1. Sheila Ritter on

    Those are some great products you received. My 2 boys love Peppa Pig and I have to admit it is one of the shows they watch that doesn’t drive me batty. We love the little snorts through out the show and Georges dinosaur and jumping in puddles. Really cute show.

  2. The book and all the Peppa the Pig items are so cute! My daughter loves Peppa the Pig and I think Peppa the Pig is great for back to school.

  3. My youngest nephew watched Peppa Pig a few years ago. For a while, I knew every episode, lol. I love the green lunch cases! Very cute!

  4. Such great goodies 🙂 That was super nice of them to send extras to share! Have a fun Peppa Pig Backpack Packing Party! I love the lunch sack and case.

  5. My granddaughter loves Peppa! She would get such a kick out of all this fun stuff! She loves the show and it’s so cute watching her.

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