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As my kids get a little bit older, I am constantly on the hunt for new toys that they’ll not only love but will also encourage them to learn. We recently got to test out two products that both of them are obsessed with!

HABA Ball Track Bathing Bliss Water Course

This set includes 1 water ball, 1 ladle, 1 spiral curve ramp, 1 seesaw bucket, and 1 track/ramp, each piece includes suction cups to attach to the tub or tile.


My kids flipped for this. The options for set up are endless and between the two of them there was a lot of cooperation and problem solving going on to see what configuration might work best.

Haba 1

As it turns out, different “tracks” were needed depending on what outcome they wanted to achieve. While they played, we talked a lot about hypothesis. In kidspeak, a hypothesis is a testable answer to a question. An easy way to integrate STEM into this is to ask “What do you think will happen if we start with the funnel first?” or “What direction will the ball fall?”

Haba 3

Haba 2

Both Lola and Malone found ways to make this bath toy work for them based on their ages (Lola is almost 3 and Malone is 7). Lola was most interested in pouring water into the track and observing what happened. While Malone was totally into the engineering side of this toy and  focused on building and rebuilding courses.

Yookidoo Musical Duck Race

This toy contains a musical fountain with four ducks. Each duck sets on top of the fountain and sprays a different water spray. It is made for the water and uses batteries. The fountain draws water out of the bath and shoots it out of the fountain. It plays 9 different sounds, but has a mute button and shuts off after three minutes.

Yookidoo Stem Up Close

While it is made for the bath tub, I cannot pry it out of my kid’s hands and away from the kiddie pool. Each night after I pull in the pool, I try to bring the toy to the bath, and each night I am shot down.

Yookiddo Stem 2

This toy is so beloved by my children that we had to bring it on our trip to Grandma’s house. While we were there, my nephew fell in love with it too.

Yookidoo Stem 3

The size of the ducks are prefect for Lola’s toddler/preschool hands. The specs on the box said for ages 6 to 36 months, but as you can tell these 7 year old boys loved it too. This toy has become my go to gift for first birthday presents. Oh, and we loved it so much that my nephew is getting one too!

Yookidoo 1

Buy: You can buy the HABA Ball Track Bathing Bliss Water Course on their website. ARV $24.99 And you can buy the Yookidoo Musical Duck Race on Amazon. ARV $34.99



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