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How many of you have special family traditions to help celebrate your children’s birthdays? Over the years, I’ve seen a number of various ways to kick the celebration into high gear. There has been everything from a plethora of balloons filling a child’s bedroom and special birthday breakfasts to exciting evenings out and even the hilarious photogenic moments that go along with cake smashing. While each and every family has their own unique way to celebrate, it’s usually quite rare to have a large company partake in the festivities. However, with so many children dreaming and wishing for fun new playthings to coincide with their special day, there is one company that has jumped in to join the celebration. Of course, it’s none other than Toys “R”Us.

ToysRUs Logo

Although my own family has a number of birthday traditions, we happily included Toys“R”Us within our birthday to-do lists once we found out about Geoffrey’s Birthday Club. For those of you that may not be familiar with it, the Toys“R”Us Geoffrey’s Birthday Club is a kids’ club that comes with many exciting perks.

Parents can help make their child’s special day even more memorable by signing them up in-store or online to become Geoffrey’s Birthday Club members. Geoffrey’s Birthday Club, a complimentary program to Rewards“R”Us Members, is designed for kids ages 10 and under and offers lots of special birthday surprises.

Toys"R"Us Geoffrey's Birthday Club Logo

We have been signed up for this for about as far back as I can remember and, although I am certainly thrilled with the sweet birthday cards and coupons that get sent our way, the reaction that we get from the kids is beyond anything that I could hope for. You see, when a Geoffrey’s Birthday Club member walks through the doors of a Toys“R”Us store, the joy that washes over them is unimaginable. In addition to the family traditions that they’ll celebrate, Geoffrey’s Birthday Club members each receive the following for their birthday:

  • A birthday card addressed to the child
    Toys"R"Us Geoffrey's Birthday Club Card
  • A special present from Geoffrey (offers may vary)
  • A phone call from Geoffrey, wishing the child a “Happy Birthday!”
  • Special in-store congratulations and complimentary gifts, including a birthday crown and a balloon, as well as a birthday greeting over the loud speaker
  • An invitation to an in-store birthday party, the month of your child’s birthday, so they can celebrate with Geoffrey and other Geoffrey’s Birthday Club members

Though this program has been in place for quite some time now, the Toys“R”Us organization has recently called for a refresh of this already fun club. In doing so, they’re making Geoffrey’s Birthday Club even more exciting!

Toys"R"Us Geoffrey's Birthday Club Feature

As part of the program’s refreshment, Toys“R”Us has created and released a brand new children’s book all about their beloved brand ambassador, Geoffrey the Giraffe. “The Legend of Geoffrey” storybook tells the tale of how everyone’s favorite giraffe arrived at Toys“R”Us, how he got his trademark stars, and why he loves birthdays so much.

Toys"R"Us The Legend of Geoffrey

Toys"R"Us The Legend of Geoffrey

Toys"R"Us The Legend of Geoffrey

Geoffrey has been a staple in the lives of children for decades now and I cannot imagine the world of toys without his presence. Up until now, we’ve seen his photos throughout the aisles of our local Toys“R”Us stores and we’ve even run into him a time or two at local in-store events. The kids have always wondered why he was there, where he had come from, and why he was always so excited to celebrate with holidays and, yes, even birthdays with them. Thankfully, Toys“R”Us has taken the initiate to not only answer children’s “why” questions like these but they’re gone above and beyond by truly bringing the excitement of this lovable giraffe to life and pairing it with one of the biggest milestones in a young child’s life – his or her birthday!

To coincide with all of the fun that is to be had with Geoffrey and at Toys“R”Us, the company has launched monthly in-store birthday events nationwide. Allowing kids to experience the magic of the book, soak up all of the birthday glory, and truly celebrate in style, these events are sure to be a hit with kids across the country.

Geoffrey’s Birthday Club members who are celebrating a birthday on/around the day will have the opportunity to participate in story time with Geoffrey and receive a complimentary “The Legend of Geoffrey” book, crown, balloon, and Geoffrey plush, PLUS dance to Geoffrey’s brand-new birthday song in a conga line around the store.

Toys"R"Us Geoffrey's Birthday Club In-Store Events

Upcoming Toys“R”Us Geoffrey’s Birthday Club In-Store Celebrations

  • Saturday, August 20th (tomorrow!) from 3-4pm
  • Saturday, September 17th from 3-4pm
  • Saturday, October 15th from 3-4pm

With my own little one’s birthday quickly approaching and having already received his personalized Geoffrey’s Birthday Club card in the mail, we are excited to make a trip to our local Toys“R”Us store and celebrate with the one and only Geoffrey! To make sure that your kiddos get to take part in all of the fun as well, get them signed up for Geoffrey’s Birthday Club today! After all, doing so would be quite “awesome!”

Toys"R"Us Geoffrey's Birthday Club, Awesome

Now, to join Toys“R”Us in their mission to truly give children their own #AwesomeMoment in honor of their birthdays, here are a few tips, tricks, and gift ideas from yours truly:

Birthday Tips & Tricks

  • Keep It Simple! – There’s no reason to go overboard with the birthday celebration. Skip the overly expensive parties, top of the line gifts, and chaos of trying to impress fellow parents. Birthdays are about the kids. They aren’t going to remember the little details but they’ll make memories based upon your company and the joy that’s shared.
  • Enlist the Help of a Friend – These days, many birthday celebrations are all-inclusive and can easily have upwards of 20 children joining in on the fun. Don’t overwhelm yourself by trying to wrangle the lot of them on your own. It takes a village!
  • Skip the Detailed Plan – Every parent is sure to have figured out that the best “plan” when involving children is to plan that not everything will go exactly as planned. This is your time to overlook the little things. Focus on the fun, the smiles, and the excitement.
  • Pocket the Candles – Seriously, put the birthday candles (and matches or a lighter) in your pocket. I cannot tell you how many times we’ve forgotten or misplaced them only to have to scramble when it comes time for wish making.
  • Let the Kids Make the Calls – Does he love dinosaurs? Is she the biggest little artist in town? Is he going to grow up to be the next space explorer? Does she have a knack for curing her dollies’ illnesses a la Doc McStuffins? Have a conversation with them and truly listen. How would they like to celebrate their birthday?
  • Remember to Have Fun! – Birthdays only come around once a year so make the most of it. Enjoy the moment while it’s here because our sweet little babies surely grow up in the blink of an eye.

I’ve always been a big fan of the Toys“R”Us Gift Finder whenever I’m shopping for any present.

Toys"R"Us Gift Finder

It is a fabulously nifty tool that allows you to search for suggested gifts by age group or browse the top birthday gift ideas by category. Now, from a momma’s perspective, here are a few of my own favorite present purchases:

Gift Ideas

  • Books – Encourage reading, gift some family bonding time, and help to expand the imagination through the millions of storybooks available to choose from.
  • Coloring Supplies – Every child has wonderful artistic talent whether it looks like a page full of scribbles or the next Picasso masterpiece.
  • Building Blocks – If you haven’t gotten the gist of things, I’m all for allowing children the freedom of creation and, with building blocks, they can quite literally build themselves a new world filled with wonder.
  • Musical Instruments – While many of us parents quickly opted for anything other than noise-making toys during the baby years, childhood is the time to fuel that love of music. Let them bang on the drums, strum the guitar, or hum into that harmonica. It’ll be a fantastic new skill for them to learn and enjoy.

Last but certainly not least, not birthday celebration would be complete without a little something extra. So, in terrific Toys“R”Us fashion – and in celebrations of birthdays everywhere! – they’ve launched Geoffrey’s Awesome Birthday Sweepstakes!

Toys"R"Us Geoffrey's Awesome Birthday Sweepstakes

As a Geoffrey’s Birthday Club Member, you’re automatically entered to win the Grand Prize: an all-expense-paid trip to New York City and a $5,000 Toys“R”Us shopping spree!

Additionally, Geoffrey’s Birthday Club members can enter now for a chance to win a $1,000 Toys“R”Us gift card during your child’s birthday month!

Now, if that doesn’t get you into celebration mode, I don’t know what will! No matter how you and your family typically celebrate your children’s birthdays and what traditions you may hold dear, consider allowing Toys“R”Us to be part of this year’s festivities. After all, the excitement of Geoffrey’s Birthday Club is sure to bring out the Toys“R”Us kid in all of us!

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