Veggies are just more fun with Bird’s Eye Steamfresh character pasta!


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Birds Eye Steamfresh character shaped pasta

birds eye
I remember how tricky it was to get my kids to eat vegetables. My son wasn’t too particular, but my daughter? Oh boy, did she throw a stink fit when it came to veggies. Why couldn’t Birds Eye Steamfresh have been around then? Of course, I tried everything I could, as I know how important they are for the body to be healthy.

Any time I could think of a fun way to incorporate vegetables into their meals, I did. What would have made my life much easier was Birds Eye Steamfresh Disney character shaped pasta side dishes. There is the fun factor I am talking about. If only these had been around when my children were little ones. Kids love Disney, and I love Birds Eye (well I like Disney too!). I know I can count on fresh and tasty items when I purchase Birds Eye products.

Did you know that only 28% of dinners include a vegetable? That is a scary statistic. Veggies don’t have to be boring anymore though. With the Birds Eye character shaped pastas, you will find fun in every packages. Who wouldn’t want to eat Yoda shaped pasta & broccoli in white cheese sauce? Or R2D2 shaped pasta & green beans in marinara sauce?

birds eye yoda pasta
If Star Wars isn’t your kids’ thing, then they might enjoy Spiderman or the Avengers. Yellow cheese sauce, butter sauce, color me delighted!

birds eye spiderman pasta
The nice thing is that this year, Birds Eye has expanded the Steamfresh Character Pasta line to convince the older kids and grown-ups to eat better, too!

Back to school can be a very trying time (mostly for the parents). We are rushed and stressed almost daily. But we cannot let all of that get in the way of healthy eating. Birds Eye hopes that families will include at least one veggie with every meal.

They have tons of great ideas for making stress-free, delicious, nutritious meals that families will love. Birds Eye also offers helpful information for parents, including on-the-go kitchen timesavers (always helpful!), the importance of family meals, and tips for picky eaters (yes please!).

Make sure you keep an eye out for these fun meals from Birds Eye, to make veggie-time a fun-time. Oh, and in addition to the Birds Eye Steamfresh character pasta, keep an eye out for some other fantastic products. We always have Birds Eye veggies on hand They are just so easy to make and always, always taste very fresh.

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  1. Jerry Marquardt on

    I can’t wait to try the Birds Eye Steamfresh character shaped pasta. From your nice review, it not only looks delicious, it has great nutritional value.

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