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*Disclosure: I’m proud to partner with MinuteClinic as part of their Back to School #GoBackHealthy campaign. As part of my involvement, I have received sponsorship from MinuteClinic for my posts and activities, but all opinions expressed are purely my own.


Back to School time is here – are your children protected? Doctors offices can be very busy this time of year, with kids getting physicals, immunizations, etc. Did you know that there is a simple and quick way to make sure your kids are healthy for the new school year? MinuteClinic is here to help!

There are so many things to worry about going back to school, but your children’s health should not be one of them. When you head to MinuteClinic at your local CVS, you can rest assured that your loved ones will be taken care of.

MinuteClinic offers the following Back to School Vaccinations:

• Meningitis
• Pertussis

when should I vaccinate
What is Meningitis?

It is scary. It is a swelling of the protective membranes that covers the brain and spinal cord. It is most likely caused by viruses or bacteria, but it can also be because of certain injuries, drugs or even cancer. The scary thing is if you have come into close contact with someone who has viral meningitis, you could be infected with the same virus. The good news is that even if someone gets infected with the viruses that cause meningitis, only a small number will actually develop meningitis.

Bacterial meningitis, however, is a bit different. It is spread from person to person and the bacteria are spread by exchanging respiratory secretions and saliva (this can happen when someone infected coughs, or kisses another person). It is especially likely when these same people live in the same household, within close contact of each other.

This is why it is SO important to have your children vaccinated against Meningitis. There could be other kids in school who have this, and you definitely don’t want your children susceptible. Many colleges require the vaccination to protect students who live in dorms.

When should a Meningitis vaccine be given? Ideally 11-12 year olds should be vaccinated, and a booster dose should be done around age 16.

It is so convenient to have MinuteClinic available when you don’t have time to wait to get to the doctor. It couldn’t be easier either. Here is what will happen when you go to MinuteClinic:

A practitioner will review the Vaccine Information Sheet and administer the vaccine. When done, you will receive a summary, reading material with answers to your questions about the vaccine, and a receipt. This same summary can be send to your primary care doctor if you would like. The practitioner wills suggest that you stay in the waiting area for just a bit to make sure your child doesn’t have any strange reactions. These practitioners are professional, and are trained to respond to adverse reactions.

MinuteClinic offers two other vaccinations as well – Pertussis and HPV.

Whooping Cough (Pertussis) is a very, very contagious respiratory disease, which makes sufferers cough voilently (making the “whooping” sound). In fact, they cough so hard that they reach a point where they have trouble catching their breath. Pertussis can be very serious, and unfortunately deadly in some cases. MinuteClinic offers vaccines for older adults (like me, who were vaccinated when they were young), but since the boosters fade over time, it is a good idea to get another. The fourth DTaP dose can be given to children at 18 months, and a fifth to children 6-7 years of age.

HPV vaccinations should be given to preteen girls and boys around 11 or 12 years of age. MinuteClinic offers Gardasil, which can protect against several types of HPV (two of which cause around 75% of cervical cancer cases). This vaccination is given as three shots over a 6-month period. To note: First dose must be given between 9 and 26 years of age, and second and third doses can be administered up to 28 years old. The good news is that even if a doctor administered the first shot, MinuteClinic can handle the 2nd and 3rd injections.

I love that even things like acne can be discussed at MinuteClinic. Teens are very sensitive and self-conscious about their appearance, and they shouldn’t have to worry about acne, when there are solutions. MinuteClinic will help find either an over-the-counter medication or they can prescribe a medication too, if necessary. Most insurance is accepted for this service.

Here are some helpful tips for preventing acne:
~Keep your face clean! Even if you don’t have acne, it is good to keep your face clean, in hopes of not developing it. Washing your face removes dead skin cells and oils from the surface. Twice a day is recommended.
Moisturize!  Your face will thank you.
~Before using a prescription medicine, try an over-the-counter acne product to see if it helps. You’ll want to look for a product that contains benzoyl peroxide, which will dry the skin out. As a mother though, I have to say, make sure you don’t get this product on bathroom towels or clothes! It WILL cause fading and orange spots. I learned this the hard way, after my own children used benzoyl peroxide and ruined several of my favorite towels.
~Don’t use too much makeup. This can clog pores and cause breakouts. When possible, use oil-free cosmetics (usually labeled as “noncomedogenic”).
~Pay attention to the products you use in your hair. Yep, since they can get on your face, they can cause acne. Make sure you wash your hair frequently too.
~Hands off the face! You can spread bacteria to your face. Hands off includes resting your chin in your hand or placing both hands on the side of your face.
~Avoid the sun when possible. Many acne medications can cause sensitivity to sunlight. Make sure you wear sunscreen on your face when you know you will be out in the sun. I cannot stress enough how important it is to use sunscreen on your face every day. I have done this for years and am proud to report that I don’t have many wrinkles. You’ll thank me later!
~Relax! There are studies that reveal that there could be a link between stress and acne.
Other ways to prevent acne would be to avoid greasy foods and junk food as much as possible. Your skin much prefers fresh fruits, veggies and whole grains.

MinuteClinic Sports Checkup
MinuteClinic also offers Sports Physicals!
I am happy to hear this! I’m sure you have heard in the news about players who have collapsed while playing sports. It is very scary and very real. These sport physicals are a great way to make sure an athlete can safely play. It might not be required by the school, but it is still an excellent way to ensure that your older child is protected and up-to-date with his or her vaccinations. For physicals at MinuteClinic, you will need to pay at the time of service, as they do not accept insurance for physicals.

We are all stretched on time these days, and anything to make life a little easier is always welcomed by me. It’s good to know that MinuteClinic is there for my family when we need them, especially when we are crunched for time, or need help last minute. I love that you can look online for your local MinuteClinic, and see how long the current wait is. You can even “get in line”!

Have questions? Visit the MinuteClinic website to learn more. And remember to #GoBackHealthy.

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  1. This is such an informative post and MinuteClinic seems like a really good service! Now that the kids are back to school, I know that they are more prone to different types of illnesses. But like everything else, with the right amount of preparations, bad happening can be averted. This article was really helpful in providing basic knowledge about these common ailments. And I’m really hoping to avoid any of these this school year! Awareness will allow everyone to know what they’re going against and do all that they can to stop it.

  2. (MinuteClinic – a must for back-to-school) When we use to live down in Texas years ago, they had these minute clinics all over down there, and they where real handy to use. The area that I live in now (northern Illinois) juat got their very first one last year. So far behind the times I guess-

  3. Sharon Rooney on

    Minute Clinics are great. On a Sunday my daughter had a very bad ear ache (we all now how painful they can be), my only option to get her relief was emergency room or Minute Clinic. I went to my local Minute Clinic and she was seen right away.

  4. Melissa Storms on

    I am sorry to see none of the CVS stores in my area offer this. We are rural and it is impossible to get a quick appointment with your dr.

  5. Minute Clinic is where I would get all of my “quick work and checkups” done and I loved it! So fast, friendly and easy! I wish more people knew about it and they had more here where I moved 🙂

  6. I have heard of the Minute Clinic but have never been to one. I think that it’s great that they offer vaccinations as well as sports physicals. I will definitely have to keep them in mind if something arises.


  7. We like the Minute Clinics. They really do help with a lot of medical issues and not expensive to go and get checked out!

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