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As a parent in this day and age, we know our way around children’s shows. There are those that are universally enjoyed, some require an immediate change of the channel, and others fall into some sort of middle ground. Usually it takes seeing a program on repeat one too many times before these opinions can be formed, often to our children’s disapproval. Then, every once in awhile, a show comes along that is just plain exciting for the entire family right from the start. The latter is most certainly the case when it comes to the brand new Amazon Original kids’ series, Bookaboo.

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It’s no secret that families are often quite busy these days and finding time to sit down and read between the hectic schedules can sometimes be rather difficult. While we all try our very best to ensure that our children are spending enough time stimulating their minds through books, there are surely some moments where they plop down on the couch with their eyes seemingly glued to the television or some sort of electronic device. It is important that we as parents find a happy medium within this crazy world of technology versus literature and, luckily for us, that’s exactly where Bookaboo comes in.

Bookaboo on Amazon

Bookaboo is an exciting show developed to promote literacy by inspiring parents to read with their children and help instill a lifelong love of reading. Each episode incorporates funny storytelling and great books, specifically chosen to capture young viewers’ attention and imagination.

As the mom of young boys, I’ve seen firsthand how difficult it can be to spike their interest when it comes to reading. More often than not, they’d much rather run amuck, goof around, or sing along (loudly!) to their favorite songs. It has been said that music brings people together and it is a proven fact that music is one of the only activities that stimulates the entire brain. When wanting to bring reading to the forefront of a child’s mind, what a better way to do so than by incorporating the fun and excitement that goes along with music? Music makes it fun! After all, what kid doesn’t want to be a rock star?

Bookaboo on Amazon

The rocking series follows Bookaboo as he tours the globe with his bandmates Paws and Growler, playing drums to packed stadiums of adoring fans. There’s only one hitch – Bookaboo just can’t play without a story a day! The precocious pup finds creative ways to avoid performing, leading to laugh-out-loud comedy sketches and silly songs. To empower Bookaboo to return to the stage, a famous face appears in each episode to share a favorite story. The picture book that the celebrity guest brings in the special “bookabag” is brought to vibrant life through animation and an interactive, energetic reading that restores Bookaboo’s “bojo.”

Bookaboo on Amazon

I recently had the opportunity to preview, share, and celebrate the debut of Bookaboo with my own little ones and their friends by throwing our very own, what I dubbed, “Bookaboo Bash.” The boys were able to enjoy some tasty treats, entertain one another with their pre-show rock star dance moves, try out some brand new Bookaboo band instruments, and finally settle down to watch the premiere episode of the Amazon Originals Bookaboo!

Bookaboo on Amazon

Bookaboo on Amazon

Now, it’s not often that I would encourage a ridiculous level of loud excitement while watching a show but this particular show was, hands down, the most exciting one that the kids have ever watched. The combination of puppetry, live action, and CGI animation truly puts the show in a category of its own and it’s likely one of the reasons as to how it so quickly not only grabs but holds a child’s attention. I was pleasantly surprised that kids took so well to the inclusion of the storybook and I am thrilled that Bookaboo has quickly found a way to spark that love of reading within them. I think that the incorporation of music and the idea of being a big (or little!) rock star just like Bookaboo really made the show reach that “cool” level and truly resonate with the boys. Even with little ones a bit older than the targeted preschool age group, my boys and their friends absolutely loved spending the afternoon with Bookaboo.

Touching home on an even more personal level, our son was struggling with reading during the last school year. This year, after having started taking guitar lessons, he has really been focusing more on his musicality. In addition to being a great show in itself, the introduction of Bookaboo has come as a blessing to us. All children, our son especially, can easily find a bit of themselves within the character and can relate to the story. Previously dreading story time, after watching only one episode of Bookaboo, the idea of not being able to play without “a story a day” became our son’s own little motto. While it may be an awesome rock concert that Bookaboo cannot play without having the story being read, it became the day in its entirety for our boys. Sure, they still love playing and running amuck just as young boys will do but the importance of reading has become a daily goal for them. It’s no longer a “mom wants to read” moment. Now, it’s a “cannot play without a story a day” moment. For that, I cannot thank Bookaboo enough!

While my little ones still only get Mom and Dad as their “celebrity” readers, Bookaboo kicks things up a notch…

Bookaboo on Amazon

Bookaboo on Amazon – Celebrity Guest Reader Michael Sheen

Among the series special guests are Paula Abdul (American Idol), Rachelle Lefevre (Twilight), Molly Parker (House of Cards), Hannah Simone (New Girl), Emily Van Camp (Captain America: The Winter Soldier), Selma Blair (Legally Blonde), Michael Sheen (The Queen), Guillermo Diaz (Scandal), WWE Wrestler Adam Copeland, NASA Astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield, and NFL player Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Bookaboo on Amazon

As if Bookaboo wasn’t already beyond fantastic, Amazon has taken the show to the next level by offering parents the ability to get their hands on the books featured within each episode. With much loved titles ranging from “Sir Lilypad” (featured in the premiere episode!) and “Monsters Love Underpants” to “The Darkest Dark” and “Turkey Trick or Treat” (perfect for Halloween!), there is surely something for everyone. And with these books starting at only $3, your child can enjoy each Bookaboo episode with his or her very own storybook to coincide!

Already a full-fledged international hit for preschool aged children, Bookaboo is finally coming across the pond. My family and I got a sneak peek of the fun but you can have your very own viewing party during its official premiere TODAY!

That’s right! Amazon’s Original Bookaboo is hitting the stage and making its debut today, October 28th!

Bookaboo on Amazon October 28th

As the latest addition to Amazon’s award-winning preschool programming, Bookaboo was created by Lucy Goodman (founder of Happy Films) and is produced by both Happy Films and Sinking Ship Entertainment.

For those of you that may be unfamiliar with Amazon programming, Amazon Prime customers receive access to Amazon Video and may access it online or use it its coinciding app for TVs and mobile devices to stream thousands of popular movies and television shows including the Amazon Originals collection.

The entire first season of Bookaboo will be available for Prime members to stream using the Amazon Video app for TVs; connected devices, including Amazon Fire TV and mobile devices, or online at, at no additional cost to their membership. Customers who are not already a Prime member can sign up for a free trial at For a list of all Amazon Video compatible devices, visit

In addition to being available on Amazon Prime, Bookaboo will also be featured as part of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited. Essentially an all-you-can-eat subscription service designed specifically for children, Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is available exclusively on Amazon devices such as Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablets and is included as a year-long subscription with every Fire Kids Edition.

I cannot speak highly enough of this new Amazon Originals series, I am thrilled to have been introduced to Bookaboo, and I am even more excited to be able to now share that with all of you. Take a moment to get into your very own little rock star mind set and see for yourself what Bookaboo is all about.

Watch Now:
To watch the complete first episode of Bookaboo and further entertain your family with the entire first season, head on over to Amazon now! While a special Halloween premiere episode can be enjoyed for free (yes, for free!), you’ll need Amazon Prime or Amazon FreeTime Unlimited to gain access to the full first season. Pricing for this will run at $99 for a year of Prime or $2.99 per month for FreeTime Unlimited.

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