Battle of the Medicine Cabinet! {Interview with Erica Domesek}


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Interview with Erica Domesek of TLC’s Erica in the House

erica domesek Lubriderm Battle of the Bathroom
Organizing has never been something that has come easily for me. I have the best of intentions, honestly, but once I start to organize, I get myself all confused. When I learned that I would get the chance to talk to Erica Domesek from Erica in the House, I was really excited. We were going to discuss the Battle of the Medicine Cabinet!

I had so much fun interviewing Erica, and I’m not going to lie – I actually wanted to start organizing even as we were still talking. She kind of made it sound fun, in a weird way! I guess you could say it made sense. A new study finds that Americans are struggling to win the “Battle of the Medicine Cabinet” (this was based on a Kelton study which surveyed American adults currently living with their significant other. This is a very interesting survey. Here are a few facts that I found particularly fascinating:
~62% of cohabitating Americans would give up electronics for one month – such as Netflix, social media and their smartphones – to have an unlimited amount of bathroom shelf space. That is crazy talk!
~71% of American couples have actually argued over a bathroom-related issue (things like hogging storage space, not tidying up, not replacing toiletries, etc.)
67% of Americans have taken matters into their own hands to create more space in the bathroom

When couples live together, it usually doesn’t take long for their shared bathroom space to be overrun with clutter (shampoo bottles, towels, razors, etc.).

I asked Erica about her catchphrase “DIY Design for two” and what it means. She mentioned that DIY projects are awesome to do with someone else and when she and her husband to it together, it allows them to customize their project(s) in a way that will please both of them.

She kind of laughed when I asked if she was a naturally organized person. She said that no, she wasn’t, but that she feels happier when her home is organized. She said that, “an organized home is a happy home”. I would have to agree with that! When I asked her what made her lean toward organization, she said that she had a lot of “stuff” that needed a “home”. Everything needs a home, so clutter doesn’t accumulate.

We then spoke about unisex products, which can save room, especially in the bathroom. Lubriderm, of course, is the perfect unisex product. She said that she and her husband have both been using Lubriderm for years, and each already used it when they met. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me!

My husband and I also both love Lubriderm and were delighted to receive more Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion. Now that winter is here, our hands are very, very dry. So dry that they are uncomfortable and it’s only going to get worse. You know the kind of dry hands that catch on everything? Oh how I hate that! Yeah, it’s that bad. Lubriderm lotion definitely helps and we have already begun to use it every day to try to beat additional dryness over the next few months. I think it’s great that there is a sensitive skin option too, which is 100% fragrance-free, dye-free and lanolin-free. The Lubriderm Daily Moisture lotions are non-greasy (super important to me!), and they absorb really fast. You can even choose lotion with SPF.

The LUBRIDERM ® Daily Moisture line includes four daily moisturizers designed to hydrate normal to dry skin. These fast-absorbing, non-greasy formulas are specially formulated with nutrients to achieve comfortable,
healthier-looking skin.

What other everyday items or products do you find useful for both genders? Her answer was a great one. She said it is not just the products, but deciding what goes where. Other great unisex bathroom products are cotton swabs, hand soaps, sunscreen, etc. Here is what she said: Communal products are allowed to be displayed, but individual products are stored below in a cabinet or somewhere else. How cool is that? I would have NEVER thought of that myself. That will definitely reduce visible clutter. One great idea is to replace “his” and “her” items in the medicine cabinet/bathroom with one reliable and efficient unisex solution that takes up less space.

Lubriderm Battle of the Bathroom
My next question for Erica was about space, and how it is always at a premium. In your video “Streamlining the Product Collection” she made excellent use of your bathroom storage closet, so I asked what other space saving ideas does she recommend. The closet was really oddly shaped, so it was a challenge. Her tips for oddball spaces are to stack products on shelves, or anything else that works. Even things like a kitchen spice rack can be found useful for bathroom items, for instance. One excellent piece of advise was to “cleanse” every so often. If you haven’t used a product in 9-12 months – get rid of it! It will make everything more streamlined and won’t be so overwhelming.

Next I inquired about what room of the house does she find the most challenging when it comes to organization and
space saving. The bedroom is her biggest challenge, as not only does she want it to look neat, but she wants to keep the bedroom as peaceful and serene as possible. After all, the bedroom should be the one place (at least) where you can relax. You definitely don’t want clutter to ruin that whole effect! Her tips for the bedroom were to get furniture that offers closed storage. If you don’t see it, it won’t make you crazy. A little mess behind the doors of the furniture cabinets aren’t a huge deal, but just don’t leave the clutter “on display”.

Clutter can add up in no time, and it’s not a good idea to just move “stuff” from room to room. It might feel like you are actually cleaning, but you’re kind of not 🙂 It actually allows more stuff to accumulate.

Erica highly recommends making use of baskets and containers. She especially loves baskets, as they are a great place to put things until she finds a permanent home for them. Mail is the perfect example. Instead of throwing it on the kitchen table (like we tend to do), put it in a basket. When you come home from work, put your shoes in a basket. There are so many little ways to stay organized, but finding a place for everything is really key.

So tell me about your Battle of the Medicine Cabinet! What bathroom products do you and your significant other share? Do you struggle for space?

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  1. We do not store a lot of toiletries in the bathroom because there is not enough room. I have a separate storage area where we keep shampoos, toothpaste, and other bathroom items in. It is true, I do not have a lot of storage space in the bathroom. Barely have enough room for my towels!!

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