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Craftsman Cordless Chainsaw

When we first moved into our new home last year, we were a bit overwhelmed with the new yard care duties we would be taking on. We moved from a house in California that had a teeny-tiny lot (I mean TINY), to a home in Oregon with 5 acres. These five acres are full of Juniper trees. We don’t worry so much about the trees far from the house, but we like to keep the ones close to the house neatly trimmed. My husband goes around the property frequently, mostly trimming bottom branches. Needless to say, he was delighted when we were asked to review the Craftsman 24V MAX* LI-ION 10″ Cordless Chainsaw. A battery operated chainsaw? Sweet! A Craftsman? Yes sir! The Craftsman Cordless Chainsaw has swept us off of our feet, and the below review is why.

Craftsman 24V MAX* LI-ION 10
I have to be honest – when we first pulled the Craftsman cordless chainsaw out of the box, we were surprised how small it is. We wondered if it would really work in light of this. Here is everything that was included in the box (Chainsaw, Scabbard, Battery, Charger, & Operator’s Manual):

craftsman 10" chainsaw what's included
The first thing we did was give the battery a good charge (the charger is included with the chainsaw). We really liked that there is a charge indicator to monitor battery the battery charge. This is very helpful, as getting ready to go out and use the chainsaw not knowing that you only had a little battery power would be very disappointing. It takes about 70 minutes or so for a full charge.

craftsman 24 volt cordless chainsaw
Much like the battery power indicator, there is an oil level window, which tells you how much oil you have. This is so handy when you don’t have to deal with the guesswork. It also lessens the mess of lubricating the blade! Less mess to clean means more time to get the trimming done.

craftsman cordless chainsaw
Other awesome features of the Craftsman 10″ cordless chainsaw:

~10-inch premium Oregon low-kickback bar & chain for improved cutting performance
~Tool free chain tensioning for faster and easier adjusting
~Cuts up to 30 four-inch pieces per charge
~Soft grip main handle for comfortable use
~All batteries and chargers are compatible with all Craftsman 24V Max* Lithium-Ion Lawn and Garden tools.

craftsman cordless chainsaw
 We were excited to take our new chainsaw out for a test drive. It removed some pretty big branches, which surprised us. It cut through smaller branches with no effort at all. It is SO lightweight, but full of power. This thing means business!

Much like the Craftsman 24V Max Li-Ion 135 MPH Cordless Sweeper review that we did not too long ago, we are seriously impressed with how well the Craftsman cordless chainsaw works. We have always been fans of Craftsman, and we are often reminded why. The quality and reliability are important to us, and they haven’t let us down. Ever!


You can purchase the Craftsman 24V MAX* LI-ION 10″ Cordless Chainsaw and other Craftsman products at Sears, Ace Hardware, OSH, Kmart and other retailers online and off.

Final thoughts

We are swept away with this chainsaw. Seriously swept away. The power is unbelievable for such a small chainsaw, and it is SO nice to be able to take this out to do some trimming, without having to lug a big chainsaw with a cord. We are loving the Craftsman cordless products so much. With my husband’s bad back, these are especially appreciated. Either or both of these cordless yard products would make an excellent gift for the holidays (or any day, really).

*Please remember to use proper safety equipment while using chainsaws: Jeans, leather chaps, gloves and safety glasses. Here are some ideas for the above equipment:

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  1. This would be a great chainsaw to have in case of trees falling or needing to be trimmed. I think that this is a very powerful chainsaw and I would love to get one!

  2. Cordless and only 10″! What a perfect size to go pruning around the house. Thanks for the review as now I know what to get the hubby for Christmas. He’ll really like this one.

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