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I love my kitties – I really do! They are cute and cuddly and pretty darned smart. Although I love them, I do not love the mess they make while using the litter box. Or the smell. EW. I think my problems might be solved though, since receiving the Curio-Craft litter box that looks like a piece of furniture. BRILLIANT!

You know how it’s always hard to find just the right spot for the litter box? You want to hide it, as it really isn’t very aesthetically pleasing. The neat thing about the Curio-Craft cat litter box is that it is attractive enough to put anywhere in the house – even in the living room.

The other thing is, when we have guests over, we don’t want them to have to step on the crunchy cat litter that has been flung onto the floor. And hey – the cats probably don’t want spectators! Now they can build their “sandcastles” in peace. We joke about this as one of our cats spends a long, long time covering and burying. We laugh and say he must be busy building sandcastles.

The concept is really neat. Having a litter box that blends in with the rest of our furnishings is SO nice. We no longer have to worry about offending guests (with the mess & the smell).

curio cat litter box furniture

The Curio collection is inspired by classic mid-century design and is made entirely of sustainable, furniture-quality, pre-finished europly. This is real wood and not inferior MDF or particleboard. Handcrafted in the United States, there are three styles of CURIOs available – Maple (MSRP $199), Walnut (MSRP $259) and Patterned Walnut (MSRP $299). Each CURIO comes with a 30-day money back return policy and is covered by a limited one-year warranty.

Assembly was really simple – all that was needed was a screwdriver. There is a video on the website in case you need some help.

Curio-Craft cat litter box
It comes with a litter pan that fits perfectly inside the Curio, and has handles on the side for moving it around with ease.

What do the cats think of the Curio litter box?

Well, they were a little apprehensive at first. We knew they would adjust but we thought that removing the lid (at least initially) might help. Since they are used to open litter boxes, this is a big change! It actually did help quite a bit. Now all three cats go in the Curio-Craft cat litter box with no hesitation, and the “roof” is back on.

I also just have to mention how adorable the packaging is. The box had playful kitties all over it! How very clever this is!

The Curio-Cat Litter box is made in the USA – love it! Here are some other features that make it so unique:

~Real wood—CURIO is made entirely from premium walnut europly
~Nesting lid removes easily for interior access
~Pre-finished and water resistant for easy cleaning (in case of spills or misses, just wipe down with a damp cloth)
~Moisture wicking dual-vented design for maximum odor control

Curio-Craft shipping box
I wanted to take a picture of one of my cats in the Curio-Craft cat litter box, but then I got to thinking, why would you want to see that? I spared you from a visual you might not ever forget.  You’re welcome.

Instead, here is a photo of our box all finished:

Curio-Craft litter box that looks like furniture
You’ll have to trust me when I say that they have adjusted to it quite well. I am hoping we can get another Curio soon, for the upstairs.

And here is a photo from Curio showing the possibilities (this is not my cat). I love how they have it decorated with a plant – unfortunately I could never get away with this – my cats would destroy a plant or pretty much anything else I put on there. Another idea would be to put a flat pillow on top for the kitties to sleep/sit on.

end table cat litter box
Final thoughts

I highly recommend the Curio-Craft cat litter box. I love the idea of a cat litter box that looks like furniture, and can be put anywhere in the house (which is especially nice if you live in really tight quarters). It is so much more attractive than a regular litter box.


You can purchase the Curio-Craft cat litter box on the Curio-Craft website.

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  1. This is especially great if you have a very small place and you want to hide the litter box 🙂 Sometimes hiding the litter box in another room isn’t an option. I love how beautiful it looks and how it blends in so niceley.

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